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DCS Grills


DCS 48" Series 9 Charcoal & Rotisserie 4-Burner Built-In Grill

Fuel Type

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Taking the outdoor lifestyle, the sound of sizzling, the aroma of smoke and the gathering of friends and family, DCS embodies the great outdoors legacy.

A dream to create a premium experience for all outdoor entertaining was realized in 1989 when DCS pioneered the Premium Outdoor Grill as he world now knows it. 

Not bad for three innovators in a Surf City garage. 

Why DCS Grills?     

 DCS Legacy
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Built with Precision and Finest Materials

We have always had a philosophy of avoiding the incorporation of scarce resources into our products wherever possible. We have set ourselves a goal of eliminating brominated fire retardants in plastics.

All our factories operate On-line manufacturing. This results in less waste and less inventory. All packaging is either reused or recycled, which eliminates waste and reduces the amount of packaging that is dumped into landfill.

  The Art of Grilling  
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Handcrafted for serious cooks. DCS Grills smoke, sear, rotisserie, bake and slow cook for all around exceptional cooking performance. Match your skill with the ultimate in outdoor grilling. Combine with a full range outdoor components to create your ultimate outdoor kitchen. 

   Applying The Perfect Heat 
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At its heart, cooking is a simple transformation. Using heat, we transform ingredients into a nutritious meal, turn soft dough to crispy cookies, and take foods from pale to golden brown.

Through innovative design based on decades of expertise, DCS grills are designed to give absolute control across this versatile range of cooking techniques. Precision placed independent burners combine with a lid profile purpose designed to give the optimal convection flow for even distribution of hot air.

Achieving perfect results is as simple as choosing the best balance of power and placement for your cook.

Low Medium
With long slow cooks such as smoking briskets or braising shanks, the ability to maintain consistent temperatures and manage heat distribution is key. DCS grills create a perfect seal to minimize heat loss while controlled heat from the U-shaped burners helps to maintain stable temperatures. Medium heat cooking is all about the balance of power and placement. The secondary cooking zones above the DCS grill surface provides the perfect balanced environment for achieving deeper color without overcooking, resting the seared steaks, or poaching anything from fish to fruit. From searing over charcoal to using infrared on the rotisserie, high temperature cooking is about harnessing the power of the grill. Whether developing the perfect crust on a prime rib, quickly searing a tuna steak or reverse-searing a roast, this is where the exceptional power of the DCS grill truly shines.

  Fisher & Paykel
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 DCS combines American innovation with the pioneering spirit of Fisher & Paykel with the brands aligning in 2004. Since the founding of Fisher & Paykel in 1934, we have grown into a global, design–led company of more than 4,000 people.

For us, legacy is about looking into the future, while ensuring what we develop today is aligned to the fundamental principles of sustainable design.

We are committed to ongoing research and development.

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Fisher & Paykel has long been committed to environmentally conscious operations as a business, and to creating new products that increasingly limit the impact on the environment's natural resources. We take care to ensure our appliances reduce impact on the environment throughout their lifetime. We strive to meet international standards such as Energy Star and WELS rating ratings. Production material is carefully selected to reduce strain on the environment.

  Perfect Result
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With an obsessive focus on cooking, we design and engineer grills and specialty cooking attachments that deliver perfect results — whether that is a well-seared steak or meltingly tender ribs. Intuitive to use, innovative in their design and built to stand the test of time, DCS sets the standard in outdoor kitchens for serious cooks.

 Why Heat Meets Technique  
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 Harnessing the power of heat has been the cornerstone of cooking for millennia. The ability to control searing embers and the heat of a flame – with the perfect intensity, application and timing – is a pursuit that continues to define exceptional cooking.

The combination of power, consistency and control of heat across the entire DCS range creates the perfect environment for any cooking technique – from a long, slow smoke for an unmistakable bark and perfect smoke ring, to a dark crust-creating sear on a fillet of steak.

Series 9 Grills

The Flagship of the DCS range, the Series DCSS Grill is handcrafted for real cooks. These grills smoke, sear, rotisserie, bake and slow cook for all around exceptional cooking performance. Match your skill with the ultimate in outdoor grilling.

48" Grill, Rotisserie and Charcoal 

This Series 9 Built in 48" Grill provides the ultimate grilling space for premium outdoor kitchens and will take your grilling experience to the next level.

  • Secondary cooking surface allows you to use a wide repertoire of cooking styles and cater for a crowd
  • Intuitive lighting with bright in-hood lights and bezel lit control dials
  • Easy to lift 90° hood for better access when cooking
  • Delivers 25,000 BTU/hr total power per burner allowing you to precisely control heat from 300°F to 1100°F
  • Height 27 1/4''
  • Width 47 15/16''
  • Depth 26 7/8''

Features and Benefits

Extra Cooking Area 

More room when cooking for a crowd with a secondary cooking space that can fit a broiling pan for slow cooking, roasting, sauces, or to keep food warm after searing.
Intuitive Lighting

Brilliant 12 volt lighting safely illuminates what you're cooking while emitting a welcome glow around the whole grill. Bezel lighting on dials glow white when the lights or grill are on, and orange when the gas and grill are working. 
Charcoal Smoker Tray
Enjoy smoky barbecue flavor with the ease of instant gas flame ignition. Grill directly on the cooking grate or add wood chips for more smoke. A W-shaped tray with adjustable vents helps the charcoal last longer.
Heavy Duty Infrared Rotisserie 

An infrared rotisserie burner provides controlled searing heat up to 18,000BTU. The heavy-duty motor easily turns a 50lb load, ideal when cooking for a big crowd. The rotisserie rod is conveniently stored under the drip pan handle.
Easy Lifting Hood

With extra space under the hood for extra large food items, the hood can be smoothly opened, using one hand, to a full 90° for better access and visibility when cooking.
Storage For Racks and Tools 

The 6” storage accessory extends your grill to fit a 42” or 54” space. It bolts seamlessly onto either side of the grill to store racks, grates and tools. This accessory is sold separately. 


Fuel Type SKU
Model Number
Natural Gas
71437 BE1-48RC-N
Liquid Propane 71438 BE1-48RC-L
Number of Burners 4

Cooking Surface Area
Primary Cooking Area 855 sq.in.
Secondary Cooking Area 738 sq.in
 Total Cooking Area 1593 sq.in


 Double Sided Grilling Flat and Angled Position
Full Charcoal Smoker Yes
Full Surface Searing Yes
Grease Management System Yes
Hood Temperature Gauge Yes
Ignition System Hot Surface
Metal Dials Yes
Rotisserie Yes
Secondary Cooking  2-level Racks and Tray


 Material 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Weather Resistant Yes

Gas Requirement For  Natural Gas

 1/2'' NPT male Yes
Gas Type NG
Operational Pressure 4'' W.C.
Supply Pressure 6"" to 9"" W.C.

Gas Requirement For LP Gas

1/2 NPT male Yes
Gas Type LP Gas
LP Hose with regulator and type 1 Connector Yes
Operational Pressure 11 '' W.C.
Supply Pressure 12'' to 14'' W.C.


 Griddle Power 25000 BTU
Rotisserie Burner Power 18000 BTU
Total  Power 118000 BTU
Weight Rotisserie Can Handle 50lbs

Power Requirements 

 Rotisserie Power Supply 120V 60Hz
Supply Frequency 60Hz
Supply Voltage 120V

Product Dimensions 

 Depth 26 78"
Height 27 14"
Width 47 1516"


Parts and labor  2 years


 Storage Unit, 6'' for Series 9 48'' Grill

  • Built to last - constructed out of 304-grade stainless steel and features superior weld and finish
  • Keeps your grilling essentials out of sight and close at hand, to the side of your grill
  • Matches the DCS family of grills and other accessories
  • Material : 304 grade stainless steel
  • Product Dimensions : Depth 26 7/8'' x Height 111/5'' x Width 7 5/7''
  • Warranty: Parts and Labor 2 years

48'' Built - In Grill Cover Series 7

  • Additional Accessories for Grills
  • Cover for 48'' Series 9 Grills
  • Dimensions : Height 47 1/2'' x Width 37'' x Depth 26 1/2''S

 Grill Griddle Plate

  • Complete 304 Stainless Steel
  • 10.765625" x 20.078125" x 2" (Width x Depth x Height)

Hybrid Infrared Burner

  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction designed for long term use and withstanding the harsh outdoors
  • Unique design creates intense high heat for professional style searing
  • Stainless steel mesh screen protects the burner and reduces flare-ups
  • The stainless steel rod cooking grate creates restaurant style sear marks
  • Designed to replace a traditional burner in a DCS outdoor grill

48'' Insulated Jacket (Optional)

  • When building the grill into an outdoor enclosure made of combustible materials, use only the approved DCS insulated jacket, which has been specifically designed and tested for this purpose

54'' Insulated Jacket (Optional)

  • When building the grill into an outdoor enclosure made of combustible materials, use only the approved DCS insulated jacket, which has been specifically designed and tested for this purpose.
  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction designed for long term use and withstanding the harsh outdoors
  • Provides proper heat diffusion to allow installation within combustible island
  • Product Dimensions : Depth 23.75 x Width 51.625 x Height 11.125

48" Grill On-Cart Cover Series 9 

  • Additional Accessory for Series 9 Grills
  • Product Dimensions : Height 47 1/2'' x Width 37'' x Depth 26 1/2'' 

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