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Louisiana Grills 24" K24BLK Ceramic Series Kamado Charcoal Grill

Louisiana Grills 24" K24BLK Ceramic Series Kamado Charcoal Grill

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Louisiana Grills 24" K24BLK Ceramic Series Kamado Charcoal Grill is also available in 22" size.


Louisiana Grills®, a subsidiary of Dansons, strives to elevate your outdoor culinary experience by providing top-of-the-line products that were derived from the passion and precision of the world’s most foremost modern outdoor chefs. Using upscale designs, quality craftsmanship and premium technology, Louisiana Grills® delivers an elite outdoor cooking experience that features robust versatility in a variety of sizes. Creating a community around outdoor cooking, backyard barbeques and neighborhood block parties is an idea Louisiana Grills® is proud to be a part of and proud to be included in.



Produce world-class BBQ in your backyard with Louisiana Grills® 24" Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Grill. It offers robust cooking versatility with authentic charcoal flavor and unrivaled dependability. Entertain large groups with the two-tiered, 304-grade stainless steel cooking surface that makes the most of heat and space.  

The Louisiana Grills® 24" Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Grill features a thick ceramic body. The sophisticated design includes a high-temperature gloss black finish and cold-rolled steel trim. The 24" Ceramic Kamado Grill also comes equipped with: heavy-duty hardware to secure the ceramic body and provide long-lasting use, fold-down shelves, and adjustable top and bottom dampers for superior temperature control. Four heavy-duty swivel caster wheels make this grill easy to maneuver. In addition, using the calibrated top damper and bottom slide vents can provide a heat-directing barrier between food and the flames to circulate heat for a more uniform cooking experience. 

Fuelled by premium hardwood lump charcoal, the Louisiana Grills® 24" Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Grill offers 5-in-1 cooking. Smoke, bake, sear, roast, or char-grill; enjoy the freedom of choice, and the flavor of deliciousness, with your Louisiana Grills® Ceramic Grill. 



     Cooking Area
    Total Cooking Area 906
    Cooking temp range  up to 700° Fahrenheit
    Grid Construction  304-Stainless-Steel
    Heat Indicator  Professional-Grade Heat Indicator
    Fuel Type  100% Hardwood Lump Charcoal
    Side Shelf  Folding Side Shelf
    Dampers  Top and Bottom for Temperature Control
    Heat Deflector   For Convection Style Cooking
    Primary body  Thick Ceramic Walls retain heat for stable temperature and versatile cooking
    Color  Black
    Caster Style  Four Heavy-duty Caster Wheels
    Side Shelf  2 Folding Side Shelves
    Weight 225lbs.
    Dimensions  W 48.5" x H 53.5" x D 30.3"

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      Hardwood Lump Charcoal

      • Premium Lump Charcoal is naturally made from pure premium hardwoods
      • Unlike other common brands of lump charcoal, no chemical additives or fillers are added to our product
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      18oz. Pepper Garlic BBQ Sauce
      • Sweet meets spicy in this unique and delicious BBQ sauce!
      • Features a rich and complex flavor profile from real Sriracha, tomato, brown sugar, molasses and savory spices. Use it on anything that needs an extra kick!
      18oz. Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce
      •  Blends of sweet molasses, onion, garlic and chili peppers to create a hot and savory kick.
      • This sweet and spicy sauce has a medium bite and is great for pork, poultry and fish.
      • Use as a marinade, dipping sauce or glaze.
      18oz. Raspberry Jalapeño BBQ Sauce
      • The sweetness of ripe raspberries with a pop of zesty jalapeño!
      • Combines fresh raspberry puree with spicy jalapeños for a zesty kick.
      • Use as a marinade, dipping sauce or glaze.
      18oz. Habanero Lime BBQ Sauce
      • Add some zest to your grill with this spicy and tangy Habanero Lime BBQ Sauce!
      • This sauce, glaze and marinade combines tangy lime and honey with a kick of habanero for bold flavor.
      • Try it on fajitas, shrimp, tacos and more!
      18oz. Sweet Onion Applewood BBQ Sauce
      • Sweet Onion Applewood BBQ Sauce has the perfect blend of spice and smoke for an extra layer of wood-fired flavor.
      • This blend features sweet onions, aromatic applewood smoke and brown sugar that pairs well with pork, chicken and more.
      18oz. Honey Balsamic BBQ Sauce
      • The perfect blend of tangy-sweet honey and aged balsamic vinegar along with a mix of spices.
      • Use to marinate chicken, glaze on salmon, or drizzle on flatbreads or salads.
      • Use as a marinade, dipping sauce or glaze.
      14.5 Oz Black Label Rub
      • A premium blend of rich shallots, brown sugar, caramelized onion and sesame seeds.
      • Transform the flavor of your favorite dishes.
      • Specifically developed to complement a variety of proteins, this blend is delicious when paired with beef, poultry, fish, pork and vegetables.
      16oz. Savory Smokehouse Rub
      • Elevate the flavor of your dishes 
      • This medley of garlic, onion, horseradish is paired with mesquite smoke for a balanced smoky and savory bite.
      • Try it on your favorite cuts of beef, lamb or chicken.

      14oz. Texas Beef Brisket Rub

      • Adds richness and depth to your smoked and grilled proteins.
      • This blend of garlic, paprika and brown sugar is formulated for beef, but is also delicious on BBQ chicken, pork and more.
      15oz. Prime Steakhouse Rub
      • A robust blend of coarse black pepper and salt, with the added depth of flavor from coriander, toasted onion, and roasted garlic. 
      • Perfect for adding bold, yet classic flavors to burgers, steaks, and other cuts of meat.
      14.5oz. Black Truffle Rub
      • A robust blend of coarse black pepper and salt, with the added depth of flavor from coriander, toasted onion, and roasted garlic.
      • Perfect for adding bold, yet classic flavors to burgers, steaks, and other cuts of meat.
      14oz. Citrus Spice Rub
      • This elevated take on a traditional lemon pepper pairs real lemon peel with a medley of herbs like sage, thyme, rosemary and parsley.
      • A great all-purpose blend for grilling, complements grilled fish, chicken veggies and more.
      15oz. Maple Walnut Rub
      • Deliciously nutty with a hint of maple.
      • Add a little or a lot for a unique flavor experience!
      • Versatile as a rub, in a marinade, or simply as seasoning for pork, fish or poultry. Gluten free.
      • Contains no MSG.
      14.5oz. Sweet and Tangy Rub
      • Get the tangy and sweet flavors of honey mustard in a versatile dry rub.
      • Sweet & Tangy Rub has a fine texture that makes it perfect for dusting on pork shoulders, whole chickens, or stirring into breading.
      12.5oz. Citrus Parmesan Rub
      • Nutty parmesan, zesty lemon and savory spices make this blend one you'll reach for time and again.
      • Great on everything from wings to shrimp scampi.
      • Citrus Parmesan Rub will elevate any dish.
      15.5oz. Sweet Heat Rub
      • Give your food a sweet and powerful flavor with the Pit Boss® Sweet Heat Rub.
      • The molasses and fine ground coffee give this rub a delicious and truly unique taste!
      • Rub evenly over entire surface of meat before cooking.
      • Versatile as a rub, in a marinade, or simply as seasoning for beef, pork, or poultry.
      16.5oz. Mandarin Habanero Rub
      • Sweet mandarin oranges and spicy habanero chili peppers bring on the heat without losing the sweetness.
      • Add a little or a lot for a unique flavor experience!
      • Versatile as a rub, in a marinade, or simply as seasoning for beef, pork, fish, or poultry.
      17oz. Raspberry Chipotle Rub
      • A perfect combination of sweet fruit with a touch of heat.
      • Adds a lively flavor to a variety of dishes!
      • Rub on meat or boldly try it on a salad.
      • Versatile as a rub, in a marinade, or simply as seasoning for beef, pork or poultry.
      16oz. Bourbon Brown Sugar Rub
      • A distinct blend of brown sugar, honey and bourbon that will bring mouthwatering flavor to your grill.
      • Try Bourbon Brown Sugar Rub on ribs, chops or whole BBQ chicken for an unforgettable experience.
      11.5oz. Blackened Cajun Rub
      • Bring home the flavors of Louisiana with this Blackened Cajun Rub.
      • This blend combines classic Cajun-style herbs and aromatic spices like garlic, onion, thyme, fennel and oregano.
      • Sprinkle it on fish, seafood, chicken or pork for a deliciously savory crust with just the right amount of kick.



        Louisiana Grills by Dansons carries a five (5) year warranty against defects and workmanship on all steel parts (excluding the burn grate), and five (5) years on electrical components. Louisiana Grills by Dansons warrants that all part(s) are free of defects in material and workmanship, for the length of use and ownership of the original purchaser.



        Safety Information: See CA Prop 65 Warning
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        • Once I decided on buying this particular model, I did exhaustive research on several different vendors and settled on the Grill Collection, because of their amazing customer service, response time, and unbelievable price match. Jerome was absolutely amazing to work with, and I very much look forward to ordering the rest of my appliances and equipment for my outdoor kitchen space in the coming days. The customer service from Grill Collection is unmatched by any of the other companies I have spoken with. Someone is always right there to step in and answer a question for you. After sending an email inquiry, I received a response in less than two hours. The delivery process was flawless. Once I was notified the grill had shipped, I was immediately given my tracking number, and within days I was contacted by the carrier to set up delivery. The delivery process was incredibly smooth, they placed the grill exactly where I requested it, they inspected it with me, and I couldn't be happier. From shipping to arrival, it was less than a week before it arrived to ship cross country. If you are in need of anything for your backyard space, Grill Collection is the place to buy it!!!

          Dave P.

          Charlotte, NC

        • The primary reason I chose Grill Collection is because they had the item I wanted in stock where other sites selling the same item wasn't available till the end of the year. I had already purchased the unit from another website and I really didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to get a refund and then waiting for the refund and then turning around and purchasing another unit somewhere else. I purchased the unit from the other website previously because their website said I would receive the unit by the end of July. When the transaction was completed and they finally received the notice from the manufacturer the shipping and receiving dates changed. It was now shipping by Nov 27th and receiving by Dec 2nd, basically I would be waiting half a year to receive my order so that wasn't going to work. By then summer is over!!! Second and most important reason I chose Grill Collection is because of Erica's awesome customer service, many many thanks to Erica for her service. She finalized my decision based on many factors besides the fact that I'm an Amazon Prime Member and paying through Amazon would work for me as well but also these reasons: 1. Prompted to serve customers need. 2. If I had problems with my order I know it wouldn't take hours to get s hold of customer service 3. Talking to a live representative vs machine 100% 4. Piece of mind knowing that I'm doing business with a company that's 100% behind my customer satisfaction with guaranteed product availability and delivery, makes me want to purchase only from them. 5. Lower price definitely!!! 6. 👍😇😉😆 Thank you Can't wait to get my grill!!


          Newark, NJ

        • I had a fantastic experience with the Grill Collection. First when I was shopping online for the Napoleon Prestige 500 grill you had the lowest price online. I was shopping late on a Saturday night and was not expecting anyone to be available to chat to answer some questions but someone was available (I forget his name) and he answered my questions so I placed the order that day. Lastly I know most of these were taking 4 weeks to ship but you were able to ship mine in under 3 weeks, sooner than expected. Post order support was great as well. You should be very proud of the service you provide, few companies have people online available to chat at on the weekends and shipping sooner than expected is rare!


          Jacksonville, FL

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