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SNS Grills Slow ‘N Sear Deluxe for 22" Kettle Grill

SNS Grills Slow ‘N Sear Deluxe for 22" Kettle Grill

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Home of the Slow 'N Sear®. SnS Grills Offers High-Quality Kettle Grills, Kamado Grills, and Grill Accessories.

SnS Grills (previously Adrenaline Barbecue Company) was founded in 2014 while the Slow ‘N Sear was in development. From the start, our focus has been on helping our customers make better backyard barbecues. We do that by creating high-quality products that we’re proud to put our name on and being a resource to our customers for everything related to charcoal barbecue and grilling.


Making Backyard Barbecue Easier!

Slow ‘N Sear® Deluxe, now with 50% more searing power than our Slow ‘N Sear® Original, takes backyard grilling and smoking in a charcoal kettle to the next level, AGAIN! Turn a “basic” kettle grill into the most versatile outdoor cooking machine on the market – indirect slow cooking, high heat searing, roasting, baking…you can have it all with Slow ‘N Sear®!


  • The perfect fit for your 22” kettle
  • Charcoal basket holds one chimney-full (~80 – 100 briquettes) of coals that provides 8+ hours of uninterrupted low ‘n slow (225° F) cooking – that’s a lot of $$$ in charcoal savings!
  • Or load up the basket with fully lit briquettes for high-heat cooking (400°+ F) perfect for chicken or pizza!
  • The removable water reservoir holds just over one quart of water for 5+ hours of steam generation (at 225° F) and creates an effective thermal barrier between the coals and the indirect cooking zone. Remove it to create a 30% larger sear zone for the perfect Cold Grate Technique sear!
  • Ventilated bottom plate is great for lump charcoal users and makes cleaning up after the cook a breeze
  • Stainless steel rivet-based manufacturing technique for the basket – simple, strong, and durable. Significantly reduces warping under high-heat conditions.
  • Each Slow ‘N Sear Deluxe is made out of 7+ pounds of high-quality 16-gauge 430 stainless steel

How the Slow 'N Sear® works

Slow ’N Sear®- How it Works

The "Magic" of the Slow 'N Sear®

The Slow ‘N Sear® is the revolutionary kettle grill accessory specifically designed to convert your kettle grill into a smoker and a blistering hot sear machine - ALL WITH ONE DEVICE!

From low ‘n slow pulled pork/brisket/ribs, to juicy burgers and chicken, or a perfectly seared steak, the Slow ‘N Sear brings it ALL, to your backyard.

At first, a simple-looking accessory …but dig deeper and you’ll find thoughtful innovation designed to make your backyard barbecue simpler and tastier than ever before!

Charcoal basket:

  • Curved to contour the kettle for maximum charcoal capacity. It holds more than twice as much fuel as a standard charcoal basket!
  • The space between the outer wall of the basket and the kettle wall creates an effective insulation barrier keeping heat inside the grill rather than heating up the air outside the kettle. This means more efficient charcoal burn at low ‘n slow temps (225° – 250° F) providing 8-10 hours of cooking on one basket load of fuel, which is about what fits in a standard sized charcoal chimney. For more information on how to set it up, go to our Lighting Instructions.
  • Whatever fuel source you prefer – charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal, the Slow ‘N Sear creates an insulated environment that allows that fuel to burn much more efficiently. Our customers estimate that they use, on average, 75% less charcoal with the Slow ‘N Sear than without it. That’s big savings over the course of the summer barbecue season - or all year!
  • Curved and angled basket walls
    • encourages fuel to nestle together evenly as it burns down. The closeness of the coals contributes to efficient lighting from one coal to the next
    • concentrates heat during the sear to generate searing temps topping 1000° F.
  • Open and easily accessible; simple to refill if needed.

Water reservoir:

  • Acts as both a heat shield to keep temperatures consistent on the indirect side of the grill and a vessel for water when moisture is required for low ‘n slow cooks.
  • Spans the length of the basket providing consistent water vapor throughout the charcoal burn.
  • One quart capacity lasts for 5+ hours at 225° F.
  • V-shape design ensures consistent steam production whether there is one quart or one ounce of water.
  • Removable to allow for an expanded high-heat sear zone when needed (in the Deluxe version only).

Durable construction:

  • Compared to many other products on the market, the Slow ‘N Sear is not a flimsy throwaway BBQ accessory. It is a durable tool that will deliver many years of grilling and barbecue flexibility. Elevate your backyard cooking game and become your friend’s and family’s favorite grill master!
  • Each Slow ‘N Sear is made from 7 lbs of 16 gauge stainless steel
  • Covered by a 10-year warranty
  • 30-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee!

Lighting Instructions

Slow ‘N Sear® Lighting Instructions

Unless otherwise noted, all temperatures listed are in degrees Fahrenheit, and “charcoal” or “briquets” will refer to Kingsford Original Briquets. Any charcoal substitutions, such as a lump or other brands/types will likely yield differing temperatures and times from what we provide as a baseline. Use any substitutions with caution. “Chimney” or “charcoal chimney” refers to the standard-sized Weber charcoal chimney starter, for volume consistency. Other products/brands may have varying amounts.

How To Light A Slow ‘N Sear® in a Charcoal Grill

1. Light the coals with a charcoal starter cube

Install the water reservoir (SnS Deluxe only) and light a starter cube (or similar fire starter) near one corner of the Slow ‘N Sear®. Add a dozen briquets or lump charcoal on top of the starter cube with the charcoal tucked tightly into the corner of the Slow ‘N Sear®.

2. Wait for the smoke to clear

Wait until the smoke dies down and the coals are well-lit (about 15 minutes).

3. Add a charcoal chimney

Add a full chimney of unlit briquets to fill the remainder of the charcoal basket. Note: the SnS XL will require approximately 20% more charcoal.

4. Add wood chunks for smoking

If desired, add a few chunks of smoking wood spread out over the top of the charcoal. Place one chunk on the lit coals to start generating smoke early in the cook.

5. Add boiling water to the reservoir

Add one quart of boiling water to the reservoir. Fill opposite from the burning coals. Do not overfill! Leave ½” or more space at the top.

Tip: Adding hot water to the reservoir decreases unnecessary stress that can occur when metal is exposed to rapid temperature extremes. Long-term, repeated stress will lead to metal fatigue and unrecoverable product damage. This includes product deformation and cracks. Water also readily absorbs heat. The hot water allows the heat from the coals to warm the grill, rather than warm up the water. This reduces the time needed to get the grill up to a stable cooking temperature and extends the cooking time.

Grill vent position - if the top vent of your charcoal grill is not centered, place the lid on the grill securely with the vent positioned opposite the Slow ‘N Sear®. This will help draw hot air/smoke over the food on the indirect side.

6. Open the vent until the temperature reaches 150° F to 175° F

Open the top vent fully and the bottom vent about halfway. The temperature will slowly rise as the grill and the water in the reservoir begin to heat up. When the temp at grate level reaches 150° F to 175° F, close the top vent to about ½ open, and the bottom vent to a crack (¼” wide). Continue to monitor and adjust vents as pit temp settles in between 225° and 250° F. Adjust vent settings as necessary based on weather/altitude.>

Tip: If the target temperature is significantly over (by 50+ degrees) before the vents are closed, use a spray bottle filled with water to quickly extinguish some of the coals!

7. Add your protein at 225° - 250°F

When the pit temperature is around 225° - 250° add in a protein. For best results, use a dual probe, and leave-in thermometer - one for the meat, and one to monitor grill temps. Make sure the pit probe is at least 2 inches away from the meat. If it’s too close, pit temp readings early in the cook will be affected by the cold meat.

Tip: The Slow ‘N Sear® is so efficient at burning fuel that any unintentional air leaks (e.g. an improperly sealed lid) can prevent the kettle’s indirect zone from getting below 250° F. An easy solution: use 2” binder clips to seal the lid. Space three clips around the kettle lid for an improved seal.

Other Cooking Methods

Roasting & baking on the grill

When cooking hot and fast at 325 degrees - such as with chicken - do not fill the charcoal reservoir full of unlit briquets. Instead, begin by using half a chimney of briquets (approximately 40 briquets). Light the chimney and allow them to burn for approximately 10 minutes. A good indicator of when they are well-lit is when the blue smoke begins to lessen or is gone completely and heat waves are visible from the top of the chimney. This is easier to notice from afar than relying on the “ashed over” appearance of the coals themselves. Add only these coals to the Slow ’N Sear’s charcoal reservoir, spread out evenly. Do not use any unlit briquets for cooking chicken, as the cooking time is relatively short and extra coals are not necessary.

Note: If you are using the SnS Deluxe - place the water reservoir in the Slow 'N Sear® but do not fill it up with water. This allows for a smaller heat zone but is large enough to maintain 325-350 degrees.

When cooking something that needs to be cooked at 325 for 2-3 hours, the above steps will not provide enough fuel. In order to maintain a 325-350 degree temperature over a several hour span of time, place half a chimney of unlit briquets in the Slow 'N Sear and then follow the steps above to light a half chimney of charcoal and once lit, pour them on top of the unlit briquets that are in the Slow 'N Sear®.

This method will also be helpful in colder weather where charcoal use will naturally be increased to maintain temperatures. There will likely be a lot of coals left over after the cook is complete - these can be snuffed out by closing all the vents.

Partially-spent coals can easily be re-lit and reused on the next cook!

High Heat Grilling

What is high heat on a grill?

High-heat grilling is usually considered to be cooking at temperatures over 400° F.

To cook with temperatures over 400° F using the SnS Original or the SnS XL:

Fully light a chimney full of charcoal, then add to the Slow ‘N Sear®. The Slow 'N Sear® will allow the coals to get extremely hot if the vents are fully opened with the lid off. It is very easy to hit 700 degrees.

To cook with temperatures over 400° F using the SnS Deluxe:

For a normal size sear zone, install the water reservoir (do not add water) and use one chimney of fully lit charcoal. For a larger sear zone, remove the water reservoir, cover the bottom of the Slow ‘N Sear® with a single layer of unlit charcoal, and add a fully lit chimney of charcoal over the layer.

Temperature Maintenance for Cooking Low and Slow

Charcoal requires oxygen from the air to combust and make heat. Grill vents regulate how much air the coals are allowed to receive. This process takes time, both in raising and lowering the temperature.

How to keep your charcoal grill at 225° F

Make very small vent adjustments, and allow 5-10 minutes for these changes to affect the temps. Do not expect instant results as if adjusting a gas burner. Do not simply take the lid off to lower the temperature, as this will only temporarily work. This will actually allow the temp to climb even higher due to the large supply of fresh oxygen this adds into the grill.

Resist the urge to make large adjustments if the temperature goes too high or too low. Remember, when cooking “low & slow” at 225° the grill does not have to maintain 225° precisely for great results. A little variation is normal and will not harm things. Try to stay within a range of 200-250 degrees, with the target being 225°.

Similarly, when cooking “hot & fast” at 325° the temperature does not have to maintain exactly 325°. A good range is 325-350°; much higher than 350° can cause sugar in various rubs to begin to burn.

The more you cook with your kettle grill and your Slow ‘N Sear® and follow our lighting guidelines, the more familiar you’ll get with your grill and your vents and how it reacts to adjustments. Soon you’ll know automatically what needs to be done, and your temps will hold remarkably steady.

How To Use Charcoal Grill Vents

If your kettle grill has the top lid vent off to one side, place the lid on the grill securely with the lid vent positioned opposite the Slow ‘N Sear®. This will help draw the hot air over the grate and the food.

Open the top vent fully and the bottom vent about halfway. The temp will slowly rise as the grill, its components, and the water in the reservoir begin to heat up. When the temp at grate level reaches ~150 to 175°, close the top vent to about 1/3 open and the bottom vent to about 1/4 open*. Continue to monitor the temperature as it nears 225° and close the top vent as needed to hold 225°.


Fits 22" Slow ‘N Sear Kettle Charcoal Grills
Width 21”
Depth 8½”
Height 4¾”

How is the Slow 'N Sear® Deluxe different from the original Slow 'N Sear®?

  • The water reservoir is removable
  • The bottom is a ventilated plate
  • Outer dimensions are the same

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