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Sole Gourmet Pizza Ovens

Solé Gourmet Italia Wood-fired Ovens are built by master craftsmen from the finest, most solid materials and are unique in their ability to achieve brick-oven temperatures in a short time-frame.  Where other wood-fired ovens require hours of preheat time, the Italia heat up in minutes.  Italia Ovens are also fuel efficient, using one-fifth of the fuel of other ovens while producing less smoke.  A Solé Gourmet Italia Wood-fired Oven is the perfect solution for cooking the most delicious, crisp and flavorful pizzas, roasted meats and vegetables, crusty artisan breads, and delicious casseroles in your backyard.

The Solé Gourmet Italia is offered in two sizes and a variety of configuration options making it perfect for a variety of backyard applications.  When combined with a stainless steel cart the Italia can be freestanding and move-able for anywhere placement and use or the Italia can be built into a custom island or placed on a counter top with the use of rubber feet.

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