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Alfa Ovens


Alfa 27" Ciao M Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Fire Yellow
Silver Gray

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Alfa has been producing ovens for over 40 years being inspired by constant innovation, careful selection of all-Italian materials, and an almost maniacal attention to detail. Products with a unique design fitting well into rustic or contemporary decors, in terraces as well as gardens, or in the vast restaurant industry at large.

In the beginning, it was the oven. Now it’s Alfa.
Our drive for continuous innovation allows us to make the best use of the latest technologies for cooking, grilling, and roasting like a true expert. Each Alfa oven is the result of 100% Italian craftsmanship with an international twist.


Why choose Alfa Oven?

History - Made in Italy

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A Family-Owned Business
Alfa is a company that specializes in wood and gas-fired ovens, fireplaces, and refractory bricks. In recent years we have concentrated on wood and gas-fired ovens for domestic and professional use. Alfa headquarters is based in Anagni, between Roma and Napoli, in the birthplace of pizza.
TWO families, ONE passion


“We imagine a world where the wood-fired oven becomes an intuitive device for everybody. We’d like to bring people back to their roots and see one of our flame ovens in every home.”

In 1977, Rocco and Marcello, two cousins from the south of Italy decided to build a wood-fired oven for their backyard parties. They wanted something that looked as good as it cooked. After many unsuccessful attempts, the forno Tradizionale was born… Flash forward to summer 2010, during a “pizzata” party they have, Rocco’s son Andrea noticed that all the guests loved the pizza, but didn’t like waiting 3 hours to get it. Their patented heat flow technology worked great in their stainless steel heaters. So Andrea said: “Why not use that in our ovens?” His father and uncle were very skeptical at first. The forno Tradizionale had been a favorite for years. Why change it? In the end though, he got them to let him try if he didn’t compromise the original idea in any way. It worked very well: the smallest oven reached its working temperature in just 10 minutes and baked pizzas for 50 people in only one hour!
For those of you who still like an old classic, don’t worry. Alfa will go on innovating, but be true to our roots as Rocco and Marcello wanted.

Beauty Meets Innovation in a Unique 0ven

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Our made-in-Italy design is the result of nonstop research. The purpose that has motivated our R&D department for many years is to offer our customers the best technical performance coupled with a truly memorable sensorial experience. A powerful combo of form and authenticity. Clean and sharp lines to meet the most stringent aesthetics criteria and simultaneously guaranteeing maximum functionality.

Each of our ovens is a unique and exceptional item, a crucible where the creativity, professionalism, and all-Italian technological innovation fuse together to satisfy the customer needs. Using our oven is an impressive experience as much as putting it in your home is a feast for the eyes.

Innovation is at home at Alfa. Every product is conceived and developed in our plant right by Rome fully respecting traditional materials and processing techniques.


Multi-Functional Base

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The World’s most versatile oven now has the cooking station to compliment it.
A multi-functional table that allows an area for preparation and cooking. It is designed for convenience as well as aesthetics. Crafted with 304 stainless steel and high-quality details, provide you with a premium surface and room for everything you need to prepare your meals!

The table is available in 4 sizes and compatible with the following ovens: 4 Pizze, 5 Minuti, Ciao, Allegro and Stone Oven.

The Table is available in three dimensions: 100cm (39 inch), 130 cm (51 inch), 160 cm (63 inch) and 190 cm (75 inch), it is 89,5 cm (35,2 inch) high and 80/90 cm (31/35 inch) deep.

Alfa Experience

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Product experience is part of the all-important customer experience and companies are betting big on it; that’s why we host feedback from professionals who have chosen and keep on choosing Alfa ovens for their restaurant activities. Heeding and listening to professionals who use these high-end ovens to bake marvelous dishes day in day out is, without doubt, the best endorsement for customers who decide to buy and install one of our products and to sail through the different models that make up our catalog.

Join the Alfa family and tell us about your customer experience. Customer satisfaction is our goal and drives us to do our very best.


Forninox Technology

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Stainless-steel and Refractory Wood-burning Ovens.

Continuous improvement through constant investment in research and innovation has been a pillar of Alfa from day one. Forninox™ technology is arguably our jewel in the crown; we patented it ten years ago and since then it has enabled us to manufacture high-octane STAINLESS-steel and refractory wood-fired ovens, combining the advantages of both materials.

Here you can learn about the technology that allowed us to become market leaders. Whether it is commercial pizza ovens or high-performance home ones, whether it is wood-fired, gas-fired, or electric, Alfa innovatively mixes steel with refractory materials to deliver top-notch ovens.


The Forninox™ Technology

The Forninox™ technology combines the excellent physical and thermal properties of steel and those of refractory bricks, the materials used to manufacture traditional wood-burning ovens.

Alfa ovens, built on Forninox™ technology, reach the same temperature as traditional wood-fired ones but in a much shorter time.

The steel structure is specially designed to withstand thermal and mechanical stress due to the high temperature of the oven. The three-layer ceramic fiber dome insulation allows the temperature to rise quickly and to retain heat longer, thus cutting down fuel consumption.  

The base and the inside of the cooking chamber are made with the best refractory materials so that the oven accumulates heat and gradually releases it to deliver perfectly baked dishes.  

This innovation made it possible to manufacture high-performing ovens particularly appreciated by pizza chefs who experienced their advantages first-hand.

That’s why today most of our ovens, including the domestic ones, share this technology: to give all pizza buffs the chance to bake a real pizzeria-quality Margherita at home. Just remember that there’s no shortage of traditional brick ovens in the wide range of Alfa products.

The Forninox™ patent has lately turned 10, reaching a milestone that highlights the great attention we pay to the design of our STAINLESS-steel wood-fired ovens, to the relentless search for the best materials, and to the implementation of continuous innovation with the purpose of producing great cooking machines for home or business use.

Our technology clearly inspired some of our competitors that tried to market similar solutions but that couldn’t come close to offering the very same performances guaranteed by Alfa ovens.

Alfa high-performance ovens are the result of the development of more efficient structures as well as the use of top-quality materials. Let’s go into some more details.


Continuous innovation is the key to Alfa ovens’ success.

The Forninox™ technology is just a step in our path of continuous innovation to keep on producing high-performance STAINLESS-steel wood-burning ovens.

But in Alfa, innovation is not the end but a new beginning.

That’s the reason we have recently backed up the Forninox™ patent with a brand-new process that improves the performance of our ovens: the FlueSystem™ patent that allows air to circulate better inside the cooking chamber.

Alfa ovens are simply the best choice for professional and amateur cooks all over the world because they are first-rate, easy-to-use cooking machines to bake succulent pizzas, among other things.  

The advantages of STAINLESS-steel and refractory wood-fired ovens.

Blending stainless-steel and refractories have been a game-changer for making highly efficient ovens capable of solving the everyday problems of professional and amateur pizza makers.

In a few words, here are the main benefits of an oven built with Forninox™ technology:

• Time saving
     Alfa ovens reach a good temperature to bake Neapolitan pizza in much less time than traditional ones. To explain it in more detail, the time required to raise the oven temperature depends on two factors: the way you manage the fire and the size of the oven. Fire and size being equal, the Forninox™ technology allows you to heat up the oven in a few minutes compared to at least two hours for standard appliances.

• Energy saving
     In Alfa ovens, the temperature not only rises quickly but it is maintained longer thanks to the super combination of STAINLESS-steel and refractories. As a result, they will pay you back handsomely in fuel efficiency whether they be wood-fired, gas-fired, electric, or hybrid (wood + gas) ovens.

• Sturdiness
     Due to the quality of the materials and the attention to detail, Alfa ovens are designed to last a long time and guarantee stellar performances along the way without the need for expensive maintenance.

• Mobility
     All Alfa ovens built with the Forninox™ technology are available in a mobile version to look great on every occasion.

     For example, by moving them to the restaurant terrace where they can turn it into a bit of a hook to pull in customers.

• Design
     It is always love at first sight when you meet an Alfa oven! The elegant lines, the sheen of the stainless-steel make it a plush piece of furniture to turn your space into a cozy kitchen you’ll want to spend time in.

     The double powder coating protects the oven against the bad weather and allows you to use it outdoors year-round. Ideal to add an outdoor kitchen to your home or to put on a cooking show.

• Easy installation
     Alfa ovens are ready to use. Just put them onto the base and insert the flue. You can choose between built-in or free-standing models to meet your every need.

 Quality starts with the materials

We have introduced this innovation to answer the needs of users who want to keep on cooking with a wood-fired oven but in a more convenient and faster way and we achieved this by greatly reducing the heating-up time and the overall fuel consumption compared to traditional ovens. Combining two high heat capacity materials, namely stainless-steel and refractory brick, just did the trick.

• The Alfa firebrick

     Alfa has manufactured traditional wood-burning ovens since the 70s using refractory materials produced in-house. The experience and skills gained over many years of R&D have been put to good use to deliver high-performing, solid, and long-lasting wood-fired ovens that please lovers of traditional cooking with a penchant for modern rustic style.

The traditional wood-burning oven must be lit and tended to at least two hours before cooking so that a bed of red-hot embers will heat up the cooking chamber and the floor, more effectively than the flame could do.

This process occurs because the refractory material is a very good thermal insulator that absorbs heat gradually and slowly. This slowness could be considered a disadvantage but when all is said and done, instead it allows to maintain a temperature around 500°C for a long time to bake for instance a genuine Neapolitan pizza in 60-90 seconds. The heat is accumulated and released little by little which means that larger ovens can bake hundreds of pizzas in a few hours by adding some pieces of wood to the fire in the meantime.

Alfa’s refractories are among the best on the market because they contain high amounts of alumina (aluminum oxide), a substance that stands out for its good insulating capability, low electrical conductivity, and high resistance to acids.  

Furthermore, for Alfa ovens built on Forninox™ technology, a layer of Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is added in order to enhance the insulating capability, the energy efficiency, and to stabilize temperatures to guarantee more precise cooking.

• The steel in Alfa’s wood-fired ovens.

     As we mentioned before, Alfa’s breakthrough innovation is the Forninox™ technology that consists of using the stainless-steel along with the refractories.

Steel is not suitable for the manufacturing of wood-burning ovens because it can’t withstand the thermal strains to which these appliances are subject. Back in the day, gas-fired ovens hardly reached 250-300°C so that wasn’t a problem at all, but nowadays appliances can easily hit 500°C and steel could be deformed or even pierced with all ensuing consequences.

So, Alfa came up with the idea to combine different types of steel and refractory materials to make the oven structure and dome.

As a result, the most used steel to manufacture the external parts is type 304 also known as 18/10 stainless-steel, mainly used for building commercial kitchens because it’s easy to clean and highly rust-resistant.

Then, it is blended with grade 253 stainless-steel that can withstand temperatures above 1 100°C to coat the inside of the dome, that is the part that comes in contact with the cooking chamber, to enhance the overall insulating capability.

To make the combustion chamber of the household ovens, we prefer using type 441 stainless-steel that contains titanium to increase sturdiness and longevity.

Steel also has the non-negligible quality of lightness, which has enabled us to produce high-performing, easy to move, and robust wood-burning ovens.

The product that best exemplifies these characteristics is undoubtedly the ONE oven that weighs only 50 kg.

This home wood or gas-fired oven can reach 500° in just 15 minutes and perfectly fits the needs of foodies even when space is in short supply.


Fast and High-Performance Appliances

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Thanks to the continuous innovation process, Alfa ovens deliver the goods. They light up quickly, heat up to 500°C (1000°F) in only ten minutes, and can cook a pizza in one minute thus reducing energy consumption and waiting times. To save you more time you can clean them up in just 5 minutes.

How can they do that? Because of Forninox technology that embodies the wood-burning oven seamless evolution by combining the stainless-steel properties with those of firebricks that lead to light and easy-to-move ovens. In addition to that, the Compact Flame technology allows you to use a real high-flame pizza oven even in very small spaces.

Alfa ovens don’t need masonry work and fit perfectly in every decor.




Ciao M Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

This wood-burning oven is the way to go to bake pizzas, bread, roasts, mixed grills (meat, fish, and vegetables), casseroles, puddings, well, anything that you can do in a standard oven with the definite plus of healthiness and genuineness that only wood cooking can offer. Easy to move and easy to use.



  • Distinctively designed Ciao features stainless steel parts and powder-coated ones that withstand very high temperatures.
  • Stainless steel dome enables it to reach high temperatures with low firewood consumption.
  • Oven floor is composed of 3 cm (1.2 in.) thick interchangeable firebricks that store heat and transmit it to food during cooking.
  • Ceramic fiber insulation maintains the heat for a long time.
  • Pyrometer measures the temperature of the cooking chamber.
  • Door fitted with an ergonomic wooden handle allows you to adjust the draught inside the oven by controlling the fire.
  • Two openings below the oven mouth are designed to accommodate the door to always keep it close at hand.



Color Fire Yellow/ Silver Gray
Fuel Type Wood
Pizza Capacity
Bread Capacity
4.4 lbs.
Servings 8-18
Configuration Freestanding
Cooking Area 27.5” x 15.7” (431.75 sq. in.)
Max. Temperature 500°C (1000°F)
Smoke Temperature 395°C (743°F)
Heating Time 10-20 Minutes
Average Fuel Consumption 5.5 lbs./hr.
Recommended Fuel Trimmings Max. 1.9-inch diameter
Dimensions 35.9" (W) x 46.5" (H) x 25" (D)
Oven Mouth Width 19 3/4"
Chimney Dimensions 5.9"
Weight 176 lbs. (Top Only)

Options & Accessories

To get the most from your wood-fired oven, Alfa Forni has created a complete catalog of accessories to facilitate the preparation and cooking of tradition-laden and flavor-rich dishes. From the kit to cook pizza like a pro pizza maker to the BBQ 500 that turns each Alfa oven into a barbecue, Alfa makes available all the rights tools at the right time. All these instruments are safe for food contact and meet the highest quality standards. Wooden devices are made entirely by hand.

Leg Kit
  • Available in stainless steel and gray version.

Multi-Functional Base & Prep Table
  • Allows a place for preparation, cooking, serving.
Multi-Functional Base & Prep Table
  • Allows a place for preparation, cooking, serving.
Oven & Base Cover
  • Made of an innovative material that is waterproof, breathable, thermal, and UV ray resistant
Pizzaiolo Kit
  • Includes 13 items that are "Made in Italy" and food used certified.

4-Piece Peel Set
  • Includes Peel, Round Turner, Ember Rake, and Brush
Wood Holder
  • Helps maximize cooking space by keeping wood and embers away from the cooking area.



All ovens have a two-year warranty covering all types of failure due to malfunctioning parts, manufacturing problems, or premature wear even if these events rarely occur.