About Bear & Burtons

Bear & Burton's W Sauce® was not originally created by Bear or Burton.

But they did perfect it!

Family Matters

Our W Sauce® is the direct descendent of a timeless family recipe. Passed down through the generations through Burton's family, W sauce made an annual appearance in Burton's life each "winter"...

Growing up in St. Petersburg, Florida - Burton would watch his parents, Suzie and George break out the huge pot each year and fill it with gallons of vinegar, bags of onions, fresh tomatoes, and exotic spices from around the world.

After days of preparation, letting the special concoction of flavors marry together, Suzie and George would have a fresh batch of homemade Worcestershire sauce to share with friends and family...

Burton Meets a Bear.

Fast forward to 2020 and Burton is all grown up living in Key West working in the fishing industry. He has become friends with renowned charter captain, Bear Holeman. If anyone has spent anytime on the in America's Southernmost Point...Bear is a larger than life figure on and off the water.

One particular evening during lockdown, Burton brought a bottle of his family's secret sauce to Bear and his wife, Jenn's house to try. To say they liked it would be an understatement.

The next day, Bear called Burton and told him, “Yo, let's bottle this secret sauce of yours!”

With Covid keeping world at a standstill, Burton figured if Bear and Jenn liked this sauce so much...others might too.

But first he had to convince his mom to share their family recipe...

A Family Recipe Comes to Life.

At first, Suzie was reluctant to share the recipe (it was a family secret after all!). So Burton brought out the big guns...bringing Bear (everyone loves Bear) all the way up from The Keys to St. Pete to sweet talk her...it took Bear about 3 minutes to get the recipe!

That was just the first step.

It was not an easy task bringing this sauce to life. As one could expect, the original family recipe was old and had been subjected to change many times over the years as each generation add their tweaks to the original framework.

But Suzie and George knew a couple of secrets that weren't written down. Little things... like halving the anchovies or making sure to stir every half hour on the dot.

As Suzie likes to say, “God is in the details.“

With Suzie and George's help to push their sauce across the finish line (thanks, mom and dad!), Bear and Burton were finally able to have their secret sauce taste just like mom's!

America's Sauce Family.

Fast forward to now and The W Sauce® is both mom and dad approved. People and restaurants everywhere are loving a sauce that tastes just like traditional Worcestershire but offers more bang for the buck with a bigger, better, and bolder flavor profile from the traditional Worcestershire experience.

Since perfecting our W Sauce®, we've expanded America's Sauce Family to include the Breakfast Sauce® and The Mary Mix®.

You can find our products on Duval Street in Key West, on your favorite pitmaster's social media account, or at your favorite local grocery store.

Thank you for making our family's recipe a part of your family's recipes.

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