About Blaze

Grill for life.

Blaze grills are built to last. Made with superior materials, these grills are premium products but without the premium price. Blaze grills, backed by a lifetime warranty, are in reality, a grill for life.

Built with Lasting Strength

Since its founding in 2012, Blaze has stayed true to its original concept of
making premium grilling and outdoor living accessible to all. Doing so has
required an unwillingness to sacrifice superior materials and unrivaled
warranties, both of which fortify every Blaze product. We use ultra-durable,
commercial-grade stainless steel fit for the outdoors, backed by best-in-class
lifetime warranties to reinforce your confidence in our construction. Put it all
together, and a Blaze is a premium product without the premium price tag.

Elegantly Designed

Looks aren’t everything, but there’s something to be said for a modern
aesthetic that transcends time and fads. Every Blaze product is designed to
meet that high standard of elegance, from the stunning quality of materials
to the finely handcrafted details found in every knob and curve. For outdoor
entertainers who value sleek appearances, there’s nothing quite like a Blaze
as the centerpiece of it all. We design with you in mind — because creating a
luxurious outdoor living space shouldn’t break the bank.

Engineered with Purpose

Every Blaze item is carefully crafted, with years of industry experience
and know-how helping us create all-around premium products for your
enjoyment. The sense of community from gathering around a sizzling grill
in a cozy outdoor space is something we can all relate to, so we spent years
fine-tuning every aspect of our products to serve that purpose. Encouraging
that togetherness drives everything we do and is at the heart of the Blaze
experience. After all, we don’t just want to give you a great grill; we want to
help you grill for life

• Built to last from strong, superior materials
• Designed to impress with elegance and flair
• Purposefully engineered with you in mind
• A premium experience without the premium price
• Backed by best-in-class, lifetime warranties

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