About ILVE

Live, Cook, Love.

ILVE: the company

Cooking with love means improving the quality of life: an important promise that ILVE always keeps. Its collections address people’s needs in a tangible, consistent and elegant way.

From the appeal of classic styles to new design trends, ILVE designs appliances that decorate, paying the utmost attention to technology and details.


For over 50 years ILVE has been a genuine specialist in cooking systems. Right from the beginning, this Italian company stood out for its calling for innovation: in 1969 it introduced the oversized built-in oven, and a few years later the revolutionary Panoramagic range cooker – a true icon in the sector. A great success that continues: with the Panoramagic restyling, ILVE was in fact awarded the Good Design Award 2017. In half a century of constant research and commitment, ILVE has designed and implemented solutions that have raised the level of performance, safety and satisfaction in the kitchen: because cooking well means loving yourself.

Founded and expanded in Campodarsego in the Padua area in 1969, in the industrious North-East of Italy, ILVE proudly carries on a great tradition of technical expertise in the processing of steel, combined with continuous research in the field of processes and technologies. Its success is due to extraordinary flexibility in design and production, to meet every need in the kitchen with customisable solutions. ILVE collections are efficient, versatile and reliable: designed to last and to always make you happy, day after day.


ILVE range cookers are inspired by the kitchens in which the great chefs make their creations, but their aesthetics and efficiency suit the home. ILVE uses the same noble and durable materials as professional kitchens: stainless steel (Aisi 304), cast iron, brass and copper. Like the selection of raw materials, the technical reliability of the various components also undergoes the strictest checks. ILVE appliances are made individually, according to customer specifications, and are assembled by hand with expertise, passion and craftsmanship.


ILVE appliances are the product of the company’s passion about their work, their enthusiasm in always tackling new design and technical challenges, and the continuous search for excellence. These sentiments give life to perfect and unique instruments, designed to give joy and satisfaction to those who truly love cooking. Qualities that shine through every aesthetic and technical detail. Although there’s only one passion for cooking, personal interior decoration tastes may vary.
That is why ILVE collections have different styles, but all share one goal: to offer cutting-edge solutions, to make cooking a daily pleasure.

Reliability: a value that lasts over time.

The reliability of ILVE products and services has been acknowledged on the market for over 50 years. Every ILVE appliance and range cooker is produced in line with the strictest quality certifications and assembled manually by skilled operators, who oversee even the smallest detail. This guarantees perfect operation for decades, as evidenced by the satisfaction of so many customers who cook with extraordinary machines in terms of functionality, safety and durability.

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