About PS Seasoning


One cold Wisconsin winter day in 1976, the homemade smoker Harold Hanni crafted from an old chest freezer caught on fire. Nearly burning his house down, Harold was determined to find a better way.

After several drafts, Harold finally settled on his first smoker, the Model 100. Made by sausage makers, for sausage makers.


After Pro Smoker was established, Harold realized there was a need for sausage seasonings to go along with his homemade smokers. Harold, along with his son Ken and Ken's wife, Kate, established PS Seasoning in 1986. ⁠

The company opened a storefront in Iron Ridge, WI where spices were hand-scooped for customers. The store also sold sausage-making supplies, cheese, and smoked meats. Harold became the company's mascot and the cartoon icon Lil' Harry became synonymous with old-world flavor and craftsmanship.


Today, our facility has grown from a small storefront to a 100,000 sq foot facility with a library of over 3,000 blends. Through new innovation and product development, the next generation of the Hanni family is committed to honoring the past while still preparing for the future.

PS Seasoning & Pro Smoker are proud to be a 4th generation family-owned and operated company, still dedicated to the same quality and service that has been our cornerstone since the beginning.
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