About Tagwood BBQ

About Tagwood BBQ

Memories are the only thing that remain constant and that make us who we really are. For us, born and raised in Argentina, our dearest memories are remembering our loved ones, enjoying each other, laughing, smelling the smoky smoke, and enjoying “asados” or barbecues with our family and friends gathering around a table.

For us, the only thing that remains true, is that we want to deliver the ultimate grilling experience to our customers, so that they can always come back to that constant memory of sublime bliss, and we can be right there with you.

All our grills offer different cooking surfaces, so you can explore various grilling techniques at the same time, such as searing, slow cooking, smoke or open fire grilling, and others.

We love to be where the great memories begin.

Some words of wisdom from our experience, consumption of any meat cut on our Tagwood BBQ grills may be addictive, conducive of finger licking activities… WE RECOMMEND TO USE CAUTION.



Our passion for grilling runs in our blood, and it started back when we were just kids. Our family and friends got together to enjoy not only the different flavors coming from the food, but also being together. Today isn't any different for us and there is always an occasion to light up the grill and cook something on it. We enjoy every little detail in the grilling process, such as lighting the fire, which for us, is an art of its own, and a time of reflection.

We are designers and manufacturers of Tagwood BBQ grills and work with top materials and craftsmen, to accomplish one-of-a-kind designs, smooth grilling experience, and user-friendly cooking alternatives. Our products are Designed, Patented and Customized in the USA, made with global materials.

We develop our products by observing real grillers using our products. Often, all add-ons or new features come to life because we put ourselves in the shoes of the end-consumer. Not only that, but we are also the toughest critics of our products, and we aim to always deliver an amazing experience.

We are friends. We are family. We are BBQ fanatics.

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