About Wildfire Outdoor Living

At Wildfire, we’re harnessing the power of advanced technology and modern design to redefine the way we do outdoor cooking and grilling. We don’t look back to how things used to be. We’re pressing towards the horizon — an experience that is greater than the past. Because the destination — the future of modern, outdoor cooking — is the fire that keeps us going.

Wildfire marks the latest brand launch from RPG Brands. With distinctive black stainless steel, a unique look and stylish soft edges, Wildfire Outdoor Living offers a selection of grill, griddle and side burner products designed to furnish any outdoor kitchen design.

As a 40 year old family-owned Arizona company, RPG Brands is on a quest to explore new ideas, share old ones and create continuously. RPG Brands represents the peerless skills of our engineers and designers who appreciate the satisfaction that comes from discovery and innovation.

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