How to Choose The Best Propane Gas Grills for 2024?

How to Choose The Best Propane Gas Grills for 2024?

The Best Propane Gas Grills for 2024

Grilling has been around for years, but it is still as prevalent as ever. With time grilling has evolved, and despite those loyal to the alpha, Charcoal Grills, others had started dabbling on other grilling methods, and Propane Grills are currently one of the most in-demand. Why? Well, there are a lot of factors, but the top ones are; 

  • Cheaper than other competitions in the market
  • They are easy to use
  • Not much preparation needed; they heat up real fast, so you can start grilling with no fuss
  • Maintenance and cleaning are more effortless
  • Compatible with a lot of cool grilling accessories

  • In this article, we'll walk you through several perspectives and considerations when it comes to choosing the best Propane Grill for you. We'll then provide you our five recommended products that we have personally tried and was not disappointed.

    The Criteria You Must Note Before Buying A Propane Grill:


    How much are you willing to shell out for your Propane Grill? You must set your budget because Propane Grill prices vary widely, depending on their features and specifications.

    An expensive Propane Grill must be worth its price tag, and an affordable one should still be of excellent quality. You should check and examine the Grill and if the price it comes with is equal to what you're getting in return.  

    Small type models that are usually compact and lightweight are generally between $80 to around $500. They are typically suitable for small-sized serving only.

    Medium to large-sized Propane Grill prices can vary from $600 to $6000. They usually come with lots of additional features and prime specifications. 


    Will you be grilling for your whole neighborhood or your workmates every other week, or are you planning to use the Grill just for you and your family or just for small friendly gatherings? You need to factor in the size of the Grill that would fit your needs. 

    Remember that if you need to cook more, your Grill must have more burners. It is also essential to make sure that the cooking area is not too cramped up and that burners and the grills got enough space and would not be too close to the meat to avoid flareups. 


    The Grill material is critical and significant. Good material will give your grills a higher chance of lasting for a long time. Manufacturers sometimes use stainless steel, aluminum, or steel coated with a protective coating to help against wear and tear.

    The materials used for the grates also vary. The usual options are stainless steel, bare cast iron, coated steel, or porcelain-enamel coated cast iron. 

    The Grill's product material not only affects its longevity but also the ease of its cleaning process. So, it is vital to check on those before buying. 


     A warranty of at least two years and a return policy that would not make you climb mountains before letting the process go through would be preferable. 

    Most of the time, when the manufacturer provided a long-term warranty, it means they are confident with their Grills' quality. That is always a good sign. You should also always check what the warranty covers. Sometimes, the endorsement would mention five years, and then it turns out the five-year warranty is for a specific part only on the Grill. 


    There are many great Grills available in the market, but Propane Grills are usually in demand due to them being easier to move around when necessary. Portable Propane Grills should be easily collapsible, fast to assemble and disassemble since most buyers of this specific type are always on the move. 

    Meanwhile, medium to large-sized Propane Grills should come with features that make moving easy; for example, some great propane grills come with all-terrain casters. 

    Taking All Those Above in Consideration Here Are the Best Propane Grills on Our List

    Napoleon 66" Prestige 500 RSIB Freestanding Gas Grill with Infrared Rear Burner & Infrared Side Burner

    The Napoleon Prestige series is usually the go-to suggestion you'll likely get from your friends and family or even online when it comes to Propane Grills. The Napoleon 66" Prestige 500 RSIB model is specifically available with a rotisserie and a rear infrared burner.  It also heavily features the "sizzle-zone" side burner and the licensed wave design, which is famous for its unique sear marks. 


    At Grill Collection, the Napoleon 66" Prestige 500 RSIB is usually price at USD 1,343.00, but it can go as low as USD 1,299.00 due to flash sales frequent on the site. You can also opt to add a cast iron charcoal & smoker tray for USD 44.99. 


    The Napoleon 66" Prestige 500 RSIB is the Propane Grill for the enthusiastic griller who wants to use the Grill in providing meals for a crowd. It comes with four stainless steel tube burners, one infrared back burner, and another infrared side burner. Making 30 burgers at a time would be simple. 

    ▪ Dimensions: 50.25" H X 66.25" W X 26.50" D

    ▪ BTUs: 80,000

    ▪ Cooking Area: 900 Sq. In.


    The Grill is not 100% stainless steel. Some parts, such as the cart legs, back panels, etc., have cast aluminum and porcelain enameled steel components. On another note, it tends to be simple to clean thanks to the intense heat, which often evaporates any dripping. A little cleaning after a grilling session and it should be good to go.


    The warranty for the Napoleon Prestige Grills is just outstanding. From our experience and based on the reviews from thousands of buyers online, the process when it comes to their guarantee is no hassle at all and no shipping fee, which is always a plus. The breakdown for the warranty is as follow: 

    ▪ Lifetime Warranty

    Stainless steel base & Aluminum castings

    Porcelain enamel lid or Stainless steel: 

    Stainless steel cooking grids

    ▪ 10 Years Full Coverage -- 50% Off for Lifetime 

    Stainless steel tube burners

    Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grids

    ▪ Five Years Full Coverage -- 50% Off for Lifetime 

    Stainless steel sear plates

    Stainless steel infrared rotisserie burner

    Ceramic infrared burners (excluding screen)

    ▪Two Years Warranty for The Remaining Parts


    Although Napoleon 66" Prestige 500 RSIB is considered significant (it weighs 207 lbs.), its mobility would not disappoint any buyers. It comes with wheels that are easy to lock and unlock, and the side tables are also effortlessly foldable.

    Napoleon 22" TravelQ 2225 Portable Propane Gas Grill

    Another Napoleon product on our list. What can we say? Napoleon rarely disappoints. The quality is fantastic for almost all their products, and one of them would be the TravelQ 2225. This one is perfect for those who love camping, tailgating, or grill enthusiast who have a small outdoor space. 

    Napoleon 22" TravelQ 2225 also boasts a windproof design which we love so much. The unique design would prevent the weather from turning an excellent grilling session into a calamity. 


    You can own this fantastic Portable Propane Grill for only $259.00 at The site frequently offers discounts or giveaway vouchers. Watch out for it. You can subscribe to the website email alerts to be continuously updated and get lucky with deals. 

    For additional pay, you can choose to include the following on your purchase: 

    ▪ 3-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Toolset

    ▪ Wireless Digital Thermometer

    ▪ Stainless Steel Roast Rack

    ▪ Pizza Stone with Pizza Wheel

    ▪ Travel Bag

    ▪ TravelQ 3 Piece Toolset


    The Napoleon 22" TravelQ 2225 is recognized for being compact. It was intended specifically for people who are always on the go and want to have a trusted grill with them. It only has one main burner, but despite that, this bad boy can cook up to 14 burgers at the same time. That's pretty remarkable for such a small thing. 

    ▪ Dimensions: 12.50" H X 22.25" W X 23" D

    ▪ BTUs: 10,500

    ▪ Cooking Area: 225 sq. in.


    Despite the size, it is highly durable. It has porcelainized cast iron Iconic WAVE™ cooking grid, stainless steel circular burner, and the exterior body is consisting of cast aluminum. The overall product material assures excellent heat retention. 

    Thanks to the porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grids, the surface is non-stick and resists rust. It also comes with a removable grease tray which makes cleaning the whole thing easy. 


    For the Napoleon 22" TravelQ 2225, you get an assured one-year limited warranty. The process in case you would need to avail the guarantee is smooth as silk, and the customer service is excellent. 


    The portability aspect is the one thing TravelQ 2225 got a full five stars. No doubt on that. Thanks to its folding legs setting up are possible within 10 seconds or so; the design, which is clamshell inspired, makes it easy to pack, carry and store. Lastly, the ergonomic handle makes having it a breeze. It only weighs 29 lbs.

    Phoenix Grills 52" Dual Burner Stainless Steel Riveted Gas Grill Head on Pedestal Cart

    The Phoenix Grills 52” Dual Burner Stainless Steel is a triple threat. It is not just your ordinary Grill; this one can steam, roast, and even smoke. It is also amazing that despite being stuffed with so much features which an expert Griller would love the mechanism of this Grill is still not too complicated for newbies. 



    The Phoenix Grills 52" Dual Burner Stainless Steel is currently on sale at for only USD 869.00. The original price is USD 1,059.00. That's a massive USD 190.00 difference. 


    You can also opt to add features such as (please check on the website the complete list and prices for the available add-ons): 

    ▪ SearMagic Cooking Grid

    ▪ SearZone Infrared Side Cooker

    ▪ Cooking Surface ⁄ Warming Rack 

    ▪ Grill Cover


    Accessories are also available:

    ▪ Can Chicken Roaster 

    ▪ Vertical Chicken Leg/Wing Rack 

    ▪ Jalapeno Pepper Tray 

    ▪ Aluminum Griddle 

    ▪ Drip Tray Scraper 



    The Phoenix Grills 52" Dual Burner offers a good range of flexibility and temperature control. Its surface area is adequate to cater for a medium-size gathering. 


    ▪ Dimensions: 49.25" (Height) x 52.25" (Width) x 25" (Depth)

    ▪ BTUs: 25000 BTU

    ▪ Cooking Area: 400 sq. inch.



    When reading reviews about any Grills under Phoenix, you will notice that the feedback is primarily on how reliable it is.

    Some people would even claim that their Phoenix Grills lasted more than ten years before they needed to buy a new one. And upon checking the product material of the Phoenix Grills 52" Dual Burner, the claims sound believable. 

    The Grill is made with such high-quality materials. Looks like the phoenix tagline of "built to last" was a bullseye. Check out some of its features below: 

    ▪ Cast Aluminum Drip Pan

    ▪ Stainless Steel Mesh Cooking Grid

    ▪ Dual Stainless-Steel Burner

    ▪ Stainless Steel Heat Indicator

    ▪ Stainless Steel Side Shelves

    ▪ Stainless Steel Grill Riveted Head

    ▪ Stainless Steel 3-Piece Column and Base

    ▪ Two Drop-Down Stainless Steel Side Shelves

    ▪ Stainless Steel Base with Four Locking Casters


    Phoenix doesn't chicken out on giving warranties, which speaks a lot about their confidence in their Grills' quality. For Phoenix Grills 52" Dual Burner, the contract is as follow: 

    ▪ Limited 10 Year Warranty Against Rust-Through Covering

    Grill's top and bottom

    Control panel

    Stainless steel column and base 

    Drop-down shelves

    Cooking grid

    The cast aluminum drip pan 

    ▪ One Year Limited Warranty Against Rust-Through Covering 

    Ignition system

    Gas valves



    Grease bucket



    Handle end caps


    The Phoenix Grills 52" is considered a medium-sized grill, and it weighs 125 lbs. Despite that, the Grill is still easy to move around thanks to its trusty wheels. For example, there is no need for much effort to change your Grill's location on the patio if it suddenly rains. A gentle push would do the trick. 

    MHP WNK 4 Gas Grill Head With 2 Stainless Steel Shelves

    Modern Home Products is a legend for introducing the first-ever Gas Grills to America back in the 60's. Generations have passed, but this manufacturer is still going strong, and their modern Grills, such as the WNK 4, still have most of the same style and design as their 60's grills. Luckily, it isn't just the physical style they maintained; their new products' quality and durability are still top-notch as well. 


    It may not be fancy looking as other Grills out there, but it sure stands out on its performance. Anyone who owned an MHP would tell you that any Grills made by this brand would always meet expectations regarding low maintenance and durability. We believe the same thing applies specifically to the MHP WNK 4 Gas Grill Head With 2 Stainless Steel Shelves.



    If you buy now from, you will be able to buy the MHP WNK 4 with a 15% discount. Discounted price is $1,388.00, and the original sale price is $1,633.00. 


    There are multiple features you can add as well:  

    ▪ Side Burners

    ▪ Rotisserie Kit

    ▪ Infra-Roast Rotisserie Burner

    ▪ Grill Cover 


    Accessories you can add:

    ▪ Jalapeno Pepper Tray 

    ▪ Smoker Box 

    ▪ Chicken Leg and Wing Rack 

    ▪ Fish Spatula with Rosewood Handle 

    ▪ Rib/Potato Rack 

    ▪ Super Flipper Spatula 

    ▪ 6 Pcs Skewer Set 

    ▪ Roast Rack



    The MHP WNK 4 Grill would not give you any concerns when it comes to cooking space. It would be sufficient in providing for a lunch grill date with family and friends.  It is good to note that despite the size, the manufacturer was able to keep the Grill classy looking and not bulky.

    ▪ Dimensions: 54 1/4" W x 19" H x 24-1/2" D

    ▪ BTUs: 40,000 BTU

    ▪ Cooking Area: 642 sq. inch.


    Ever wonder what it is with MHP Gas Grills that makes their product last for years and years (my grandpa swears his MHP Grill is indestructible) despite minimum maintenance? Well, the product material of WNK 4 Gas Grill would give you an idea. Check them out: 

    ▪ Thick and solid cast aluminum that assures the buyer that the Grill would survive abuse, harsh weather, and practically never rust

    ▪ The handle "Stay Kool" is a fantastic perforated stainless-steel tube

    ▪ Kiln fired; porcelain-coated briquettes

    ▪ Stainless Steel Cooking Grids and upgradable to the MHP Exclusive Sear Magic™ Premium grids 

    ▪ Swing-Away Warming Rack - Stainless Steel

    ▪ Stainless Steel Dual Burners Patented "H" Style

    There is no hassle on cleaning since it comes with anodized aluminum in-ground post with stainless steel tubing (48-inch black), two foldable stainless steel side shelves, and a stainless grease cup. 


    Since MHP has been around for years, they are reasonably incredibly confident with their product. I mean, their reviews online by legit buyers are all praising them for the durability of their Grills. So, they are very generous when it comes to their warranty agreement. 

    ▪ Limited Lifetime (Against Rust-Through):

    Top Casting

    Bottom Casting

    Stainless Steel “H” Burner

    Control Panel

    Side Shelf Brackets

    Stainless Steel & SearMagic Cooking Grids

    Stainless Steel Side Shelves

    Stainless Steel Warming Racks 

    ▪ 5-Year Warranty (Against Rust-Through):

     Stainless Steel Briquette Grates 

    Porcelain Briquettes 

    ▪ 1-Year Warranty (All other Components Including):

    Ignitor System

    Gas Valves


    ▪ 30-Day Warranty on Paint

    ▪ Grills in a commercial, community, or multi-tenant application will have a 1-year warranty on all parts.


    The MHP WNK 4 Gas Grill Head With 2 Stainless Steel Shelves itself would not be too hard to move or to adjust its position in your backyard or patio. There are also many mounting options to choose from, such as a stainless-steel column with two wheels & two caster bases or an aluminum column with a two-wheel base. But then again, owners of MHP WNK 4 Gas Grill or any MHP Grills are not too worried about their Grill being under a bit of sun or rain. They know it isn't a biggie for their hardcore Grills (not that I am telling you to do that, be responsible Grill owners and make sure to handle them well). 😉

    Blaze Professional Portable Propane Gas Grill

    The Blaze Professional Portable Propane Gas Grill is for people who take grilling earnestly but are constantly on the go. You can easily handle the Blaze Professional Propane Grill with just one hand, and yet it still manages to be a durable powerhouse Propane Grill. Despite the compact and portable adjustment to its features, the Blaze Professional Grill does not lack quality – it even utilizes the same components of the built-in Grills series from Blaze Professional.



    As of writing, is featuring the Blaze Professional Portable Propane Gas Grill under a shocking 20% discount! 

    From $937.49, it is now down to $749.99. What a sale!


    For an affordable price, you can also include a Grill Pedestal and Shelves for Pedestal. You can also opt to upgrade to the Marine Grade model that features a 316L stainless steel body.



    Tiny but mighty is the saying that would best describe the Blaze Professional Portable Propane Gas Grill. Don’t set this Grill aside due to its small appearance; this powerhouse can grill perfectly delicious eight burgers simultaneously.


    ▪ Dimensions: 15 1/8" H x 27 1/8" W x 14 1/2" D

    ▪ BTUs: 18,000 BTU

    ▪ Grilling Area: 205in²



    When you buy a portable Propane Grill, your expectation of its durability is usually pretty low.

    After all, most of the compact Propane Grill products in the market lack quality. You'll think it was explicitly created for limited use only; they can't withstand severe environments and damage. 

    However, those are not true for the Blaze Professional Portable Propane Grill. The product material would show you that it excels in quality and durability:


    ▪ 304-grade stainless steel construction, which is rust and corrosion resistant

    ▪ Flame thrower ignition like the built-in and freestanding grills

    ▪ Like the built-in Pro series Grills, it uses a heavy-duty cast stainless steel H burner, 12mm hex cooking grids and, flame tamers

    ▪ Burner can reach temperatures enough to sear steaks


    Blaze Professional offers an exceptional warranty, and their customer service is also wonderful. The process is smooth, and no stressful demands before they fulfill the warranty agreement 

    ▪ Lifetime Warranty

    Cooking grids


    Flame tamers

    Heat zone separators


    Control valves

    ▪ 1-Year Warranty



    Lighting systems


    The Blaze Professional Portable Propane Gas Grill has two front-facing clasps, making it easy to lock the lid in place during transport or storage. Bringing it anywhere is not a burden, thanks to its two stainless steel handles. 

    Suppose you are looking for a Propane Portable Gas Grill that can deliver exceptional results and still be easy to bring anywhere. In that case, the Blaze Professional Portable Grill is the one for you.  


    That was quite a lot, huh? Thanks for reading until the end. There is just so much information about Propane Grills and numerous products available in the market that we wanted to make sure we can give you a reliable idea and hopefully help you select which one to buy.

    If you need to talk more about a specific grill or have any other inquiries, you can always call or text 1-888-918-4150. We, in GrillCollection, would be delighted to assist, especially when it is about a good Gas Grill.

    We know how important it is to get a Grill that will endure years and give you and your loved ones loads of joyful memories and excellent grilled feasts.


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