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Arteflame One 20" Grill And Home Chef Max Bundle With 10 Grilling Accessories

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Arteflame is an American company proudly designing and crafting the most aesthetically pleasing, unique and versatile outdoor grills available.

Arteflame grills combine art, form and function – exhibiting timeless style and refined taste. The Arteflame family of products is proudly designed and crafted in the heart of the American Midwest using only US steel. Our grills are cherished by our clients as works of art.  The natural patina of each grill is as unique as its individual owner. Arteflame grills are considered to be hand crafted pieces of art but best of all, Arteflame grills function like no other, making each dish a masterpiece.

We lead the industry in the creating unique yet functional American made grilling solutions. Grounded, yet forward thinking. Traditional, yet cutting edge. Culinary and entertainment focused.  Fueled by passion and creativity we take great pride in each grill produced, shipped and delivered.  As we continue to innovate, expand and produce new grilling options we never lose sight of our reason for being – the pleasure and passion of you, our customers and friends.
 Arteflame Mission Statement

Arteflame grills make it easy to prepare and serve delicious food in a way that is easy, fun and totally unique.  Our grills are designed to add life to your party while gathering your friends around.  An Arteflame will be the centerpiece of your back yard.  The gathering place.  Because our grills convert easily into fire pits, people gather around them long after the cooking is done.  Our grills are made to last and create great memories for many years to come.


Welcome to the Arteflame family
Arteflame is the leading American manufacturer of charcoal and wood fire grill griddle (plancha) combination outdoor barbecue grills and fire pits. Built exceptionally solid, they are designed to last for years and years with little to no maintenance. When you buy an Arteflame grill, fire pit or griddle grill combination insert (grill grate replacement plancha) for your barbecue, you are buying barbecue products that are 100% made in the America. Arteflame is known for making solid steel grill griddle combination cooktops that make grilling easy and fun. Whether you are grilling on the plancha style griddle, searing over the fire on the grill grate, using the rotisserie or the pizza oven, there are many ways to grill your food to perfection on an Arteflame grill. Arteflame cooktops are made of extra thick carbon steel while the grill bodies are made entirely of Corten steel. Corten steel is also called “weathering steel” and is used in many outdoor structures like buildings, bridges and architectural works of art that live outside. Each grill develops a unique, gorgeous patina that is ever changing. Arteflame grills have an airflow system that is completely internal without any moving parts or adjustments. This airflow generates more heat with. minimal smoke while using less wood and charcoal than other barbecues in its class. Because the cooktop can be taken off, every Arteflame grill easily converts into a fire pit. (Lifting tool included) Arteflame style grilling is also known as Mongolian, Korean, Hibachi, Plancha or Teppanyaki style grilling. Griddle grill combination inserts allow you to grill Arteflame style on your barbecue by replacing your existing grill grate. Replacing your grill grate with a grill griddle combination Arteflame insert gives you the flexibility of adding countless other foods to your cooking and grilling repertoire. Griddle grill grate replacement inserts fit most popular grills like; akorn, kamado, oklahoma joe, joe classic, big joe, green egg, napoleon, traeger, weber, weber summit, genesis, blackstone and most gas grills and other charcoal barbecues. All Arteflame griddle grill cooktops, grill grates, replacement grill grate inserts and the awesome little burger pucks are made of extra thick carbon steel and season just like cast iron cookware. Cooking on seasoned carbon steel or cast iron is regarded as the “gold standard” for preparing the best tasting food possible. Arteflame griddle grill combination cooktops will last a lifetime and are not brittle or prone to cracking like cast iron. Get your Arteflame and see what you’ve been missing in your back yard all of these years. Invite friends and family and you'll see why the Arteflame is called "The Social Grill"!

Arteflame One 20" Grill And Home Chef Max Bundle With 10 Grilling Accessories

Elevate the art of outdoor cooking with the sleek, contemporary look and outstanding functionality of the Arteflame Grill. The fire is built in the center of the grill, so the cook top heats up from the center out. This results in a higher cooking temperature closer in than on the outside edge, so food can be cooked at various temperatures all at the same time. When it's not in use as a grill, it can also be enjoyed as a fire bowl, providing warmth while creating a serene ambiance.

The new One Series Arteflame design is based on the same concept as the Classic Arteflame 40" grill but in a smaller format. The smaller design is fueled by charcoal or wood chunks and crafted in two pieces - a 1/4" carbon steel cooktop and a US CORTEN steel base made to last a lifetime. It is 20" tall and the cooktop is 22.5" in diameter, the same as a standard kettle style grill.  The smaller format heats up faster and uses less fuel making it ideal for everyday grilling for a family.

All Arteflame One 20 grills have the accessory ring under the cooktop so that the optional sizzle grate can be dropped in and lay flush with the cooktop.


  • Uses both wood and / or charcoal
  • Great for sit down grilling (or stand up with optional grill stand)
  • Ideal for everyday family use
  • Removable cooktop
  • Optional center grill grate
  • Can be used as a fire bowl with or without the cooktop
  • Virtually maintenance-free: 60 second clean up
  • Can be left outside year-round
  • Includes seasoning puck
  • Designed and Made in the USA using US steel
  • DIMENSIONS: 22.5" Wide x 21" High, 65lbs.  (57cm x 53cm, 29Kg)
  • Reference Grill Size with 5 foot 10 Male
  • Arteflame Grills are all steel making them quite heavy.  Complete product pallets can weigh over 500lbs.!  Because of this, there are some UPS freight charges calculated before check-out.

Note: When the grill arrives, the cooktop will be silver (unseasoned). It will develop the dark color shown in the images once it's been used several times.



The Home Chef Max Bundle combines the Arteflame One 20" Grill with the following 10 accessories:

 1. Rotisserie

  • Stainless Steel made specifically to attach to the sea ring on the cooktop with simple squeeze release.
  • Includes Cordless battery operated rotisserie motor, spit and one set of porks. 
  • the motor will turn up to 225lbs

2.  Grill Stand

  • the Grill Stand brings your grill to a standard cooking height of 30''
  • made of two Stainless Steel that simply lock together and fit perfectly in the bottom of the grill. 
  • This custom design also fits the profile of the Arteflame for a seamless look and feel.
  • No tools required
  • doesn't leave any mark on the surface.

    3. Vinyl Grill Cover

    • Made to withstand all weather conditions. 
    • Has zipper on each side to keep the cover secure even in high winds.
    • Ideal for keeping snow and debris out of your Arteflame.

    4. Grill Grate

    • Made by Carbon Steel
    • Allows for easy grilling of seafood, burger, veggies and more.
    • Perfect addition and adds lots of extra grill space.
    • Perfect for searing steak.
    • Made in the USA
    • Maintenance - Free

    5. Grill Grate Riser

    • Raises the Grill Grate so that the food doesn't cook quite as quickly and adds a lot of extra smoke flavor.
    • Made of two stainless steel parts that slide together so that it comes apart easily and can be put in the dishwasher. 

    6.  Stainless Center Lid

    • Made of US Stainless Steel
    • Keeps Debris from entering the fire bowl.
    • Smothers the fire after you done grilling. 
    • Virtually Maintenance - Free
    • Can be left outside year round. 
    • Made in the USA

    7. Food Saver

    • Stainless Steel
    • Perfect way to keep food from falling in the center when griller is completely loaded up, 
    • Fits perfectly on the center accessory and works with the optional grill grate riser.

    8. Seasoning Puck

    • Each Crisbee Seasoning Puck for Your Grill or Insert will treat your cooktop many many times when used as directed
    • Additional Accessory for Arteflame.

    9. Grill Scraper

    • Grill Scraper with Ground Edge Stainless Blade.
    • Made of No - Flex Stainless Steel with the Heat Resistant handle
    • Sharp Machined Front Edge
    • Extra Thick Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, Will Not Bend with Use
    • Commercial Grade
    • Made in the USA

    10. Looft Lighter X

    • World's first lighter running on battery power only
    • Most sophisticated fire lighter made today
    • Lights your fire in 60 seconds in any condition
    • Very safe, no gas, no flame.
    • Portable, allows you to create fire anywhere
    • Lights your arteflame about 10 times on a single charge
    • Powerful 36V-Li - Ion battery and charge station included.
    • sits on matching charging station for convenient storage
    • Comes charged  and ready to go. 

    Comes with 10 Grilling Accessories : 

    Everything in Home Bundle + Pizza Oven : 

    Rotisserie and Pizza Oven Hood with 18'' Pizza Grate let you cook and baked a wide variety of foods, even cookies and brownies.

    Grill Grate and Riser grills seafood, burger, steaks, veggies & more, adds fresh grilled flavor.

    Looft Lighter X - enjoy effortless fire in 60 seconds with battery power only. 

    Seasoning Puck creates non stick surfaces. Grill Scraper of heavy duty stainless steel keeps grill clean.

    Vinyl Cover has zippers for easy, secure fit. Stainless Center Lid keeps debris out, snuffs fire. 


    Arteflame One 20" Grill And Home Chef Max Bundle With 10 Grilling Accessories is also available in bundle with 5 grilling accessories.


    How Arteflames are Made


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