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Backyard Hibachi Grills

Backyard Hibachi was founded in Lafayette, Louisiana by a group of friends who wanted to bring the concept of sitting around a table with friends and cooking delicious meals to their own backyard. These unique grills are handmade from natural hardwood with no two pieces the same, resulting in the perfect look for your backyard. The hibachi will last for generations because it is built to withstand weather conditions and last for hundreds of hours under constant use!

Backyard Hibachi is focused on providing the best grilling grill products to our customers. With a lifetime warranty and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, Backyard Hibachi believes in the “eat what you grill” motto. We are dedicated to helping you make the food taste great no matter where you are or what type of food you are cooking.

This is the grill you’re looking for. That’s why we created our Hibachi Collection. This collection has all the tools to cook any meal. Try Sear Steaks, Fajitas, or a Big Breakfast. The double-ringed burner design gives you just enough heat and space so you can crank up the heat and keep your vegetables warm on one side while keeping your meats grilled to perfection on another side. With almost 6 square feet of cooking space, you can cook for the entire family with this versatile design!

Backyard Hibachi Backyard Hibachi Grill- Torched Cypress $1,995.00
Backyard Hibachi Backyard Hibachi Grill- Red Cedar $1,995.00
Backyard Hibachi Backyard Hibachi Grill- Canary $1,995.00
Backyard Hibachi Backyard Hibachi Grill- Pecky Cypress $1,995.00
Backyard Hibachi Backyard Hibachi Grill- Torched Steel $1,495.00

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