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Blackstone Culinary Griddle

Outdoor cooking is a global passion, Blackstone just make it complete with blackstone griddles and accessories.

Blackstone’s classic 28" Griddle now has a luxury model! With a Culinary Style Front Utility Tray, a durable cart with dual side shelves, and a Stainless Culinary Styled Hood, this is no longer JUST a griddle.

Blackstone 28" griddle top paired with the Rangetop burner allow you to cook more than ever. Cook all your griddle favorites like pancakes, burgers, stirfry, and more but also have the option to boil water or use a frying pan.

Blackstone 36" Griddle Cooking Station with Accessory Side Shelf pushes out a collective 60,000 BTUs and gives you all the cooking power needed to be the chef you want to be.

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