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Bonfire Outdoor Access Doors

Our Bonfire door and drawer set is built to last. Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, each piece is designed to withstand the test of time whether it be on your BBQ island or inside your refrigerator. We offer soft-closing mechanisms for smooth and steady transitioning while opening and closing the door. The durable door handles add that extra touch of pizzazz to your kitchen.

304 Stainless Steel
Our innovative products speak for themselves, whether you’re looking for a new grill or adding something special to your home. We design and manufacture our high quality exterior stainless steel products in house. Each piece is one-of-a kind and made from the highest quality materials. Our handcrafted pieces are made of high gauge 304 stainless steel and include a ground edge on stones (guaranteed not to chip!) and grills (for convenient cleaning).

Durable Constructions
This unique product is more cost-effective, easy to install and simple in usage. Made of premium 304 stainless steel, the BBQ cabinet doors are much stronger than those other materials including aluminum and mild steel. Improved rust-proof and abrasion-proof performance makes these barbecue cabinets more durable than the common ones. You can use them forever with no worries that it will break down or rust over time because of its high quality material.


Excellent User Experience
Make your outdoor kitchen stand out. This outdoor kitchen designed by Bonfire is the perfect fit for any indoor kitchen, but also widely applicable in the outdoor kitchen such as barbeque grills, tableware and other products into cabinet lockers.
Bonfire Outdoor Bonfire Outdoor Double Door $269.00

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