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Cal Flame


Do you love grilling as much as eating? If so, then this barbecue is for you. It features an exclusive patented design that locks in heat and prevents smaller foods from falling through so you can cook large batches at once, giving you 25% more grilling capacity than other grills. With its contemporary design, this easy-to-use grill is perfect for every size kitchen.


Turn an ordinary barbecue island into a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen with Cal Flame barbecue accessories. Only Cal Flame offers all the gourmet necessities you need to build a true outdoor kitchen. With Cal Flame, you can accessorize your barbecue island or cart to create the outdoor kitchen solution of your dreams. Cal Flame eliminates the need to run inside during a backyard barbecue by providing the convenience of an indoor kitchen…without the walls.



From the newest designs to basic, Cal Flame outdoor kitchens offer top quality and functionality. With options for grills and accessories galore, you can choose barbecue island that’s right for you from the widest selection in the industry – from 4 ft. to 10 ft. barbecue islands with grills and accessories galore. Complete the look of your island with your choice of natural stone tile countertops, and stucco or stone veneer base finishes – available in an array of elegant base designs. Choose from the widest range of barbecue island designs in various configurations to complement your personal Home Resort design, lifestyle and backyard landscape



This series allows you to select the cart size, and storage space you need, along with any Cal Flame grill, whether it be a single side burner A La Cart or the A La Cart Plus 420 BR or 420 RTT. The carts feature two removable side/serving trays, a spice rack, bottle opener, towel and paper towel holders, two drawers and a bottom compartment for a propane tank or additional storage.

Cal Flame Cal Flame Natural Gas Conversion Kit $73.00 $87.00
Cal Flame Cal Flame Charcoal Tray $233.00 $279.00
Cal Flame Cal Flame 12v Rotisserie Motor $133.40 $159.85
Cal Flame Cal Flame Sear Zone Burner $124.00 $149.00
Cal Flame Cal Flame Pull Out Cutting Board $238.00 $285.00
Cal Flame Cal Flame 24" 2-Burner Hibachi Drop in Grill $1,699.70 $2,040.00
Cal Flame Cal Flame Deep Fryer Set $408.00 $489.00
Cal Flame Cal Flame 30" Door & Drawer Combo $922.30 $1,106.00
Cal Flame Cal Flame 18" Single Access Door $262.00 $315.00
Cal Flame Cal Flame 27" Horizontal Door $205.00 $246.00
Cal Flame Cal Flame Bottle Opener and Catcher $45.00 $53.00
Cal Flame Cal Flame 22" Beer Tap Refrigerator $1,236.00 $1,483.00

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