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Coyote Outdoor Living - Portable Grills

The Coyote Outdoor Living Portable Grills has a sleek, attractive silhouette and may be conveniently placed on a table, pedestal stand, or built into an island or cabinet of your choice.

Design and value are at the heart of Coyote Outdoor Living, our passion is to elevate the outdoor living experience with a selection of products that marry power and durability with style. For Coyote, outdoor living is a way of life that is about being freed from the limits of space or season. Because it is not rolled out in June and packed away in November, Coyote becomes an integral part of your daily life through the joy of entertaining outdoors.
Coyote Outdoor Living Coyote 18" 1300-Watt Portable Electric Grill $599.00
Coyote Outdoor Living Coyote 25" Portable Propane Gas Grill $599.00

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