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Fire Magic Grills

For those who expect the finest, Fire Magic Grills are produced by those who also demand the best. Each and every item produced by Fire Magic is made by expert craftsmen with love and attention. We have only ever produced outside grilling gear.

The stainless steel used to build grills is of the best quality, strong gauge, and appliance grade. Fire Magic Grills are the most stylish and long-lasting grills on the market thanks to their unmatched attention to the finest details in design and manufacturing. Of all outdoor grills, they can readily operate at the highest temperatures for the longest periods of time. Owning a Fire Magic Grill will give you cooking diversity and unmatched performance. For more than 75 years, Fire Magic's cutting-edge engineering and construction have set the bar, and they still do.

Fire Magic offers a variety of grills in sizes ranging from 48" to 24", built-in and stand-alone, countertop and post, and offering the highest levels of design, performance, and durability. Each grill is made with the intention of improving the cooking and entertaining experience.

Fire Magic offers Echelon Diamond, Aurora, Choice, Legacy, and Electric Series of Grills.

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