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MHP JNR Series Grills

The Perfect Grill for Limited Space or Smaller Family

The JNR models are built to last with solid, durable and rust-resistant heavy cast aluminum construction while providing even heat. They are designed with both charcoal grills and outdoor ovens in mind. Combine our stainless steel H-burner, cooking grids, stainless steel grate and porcelain briquettes to create a time-tested and reliable cooking system, while a variety of bases, cooking surfaces and upgrades allow you to customize the exact grill that fits your family.


Searmagic Cooking Grids

These high-performance, reversible, rust-free, anodized aluminum cooking grids heat up faster and cook foods at a uniform temperature. The ribbed side is perfect for steaks and burgers while the smooth side is ideal for delicate items such as fish or vegetables.


Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cooking Grid

Standard on all of our models, our commercial-grade 304 solid rod stainless steel constructed cooking grids offers tight spacing to accommodate smaller items.

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