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MHP Modern Home Products

MHP Outdoor Grills

Modern Home Products was founded in the 1950's by Walter Koziol. In the beginning, the company created decorative outdoor gas lighting for residential applications (under the trade name of "Charmglow"). As the gas lighting business expanded, Walter explored ways in which to utilize gas in other outdoor products, including patio furniture and landscape lighting.


Built to last, our MHP Outdoor Grills are designed for outdoor living and made from superior materials that ensure a lifetime of trouble-free service.


Being the First in Outdoor Gas Grills residential gas lighting and replacement parts carries a certain responsibility to develop the highest quality product. Constant improvements have led us to create SearMagic© cooking grids and warming racks, a patented "H" style stainless steel burner, no-rust exterior construction, an exclusive GASLOW fuel indicator and a leak detector, just to name a few. And that's why all MHP products are specially designed to perform at maximum levels in quality, performance, functional convenience, versatility and home appeal.

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