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Primo Grills

Primo Gets An Upgrade. When designing the all-new Primo, we listened to feedback from our customers to build the best grill we’ve ever made. New features include an easy lift hinge that reduces the force needed to open the lid by 70% and new air controls to make precision temperature control easier than ever. With a new top air control that includes a hood to protect your meal during all-weather grilling, you can confidently grill in any situation. With these new Primo upgrades, an already unparalleled grill is now even better.

Made in the USA. Primo ceramic grills are made in the USA utilizing the highest grade of ceramics. The ceramic provides superior heat retention, which allows you to maintain consistent temperatures producing juicy and tender food. Primo has combined quality-controlled production processes, exceptional glazes, and the highest grade of ceramics to create a grill that can truly withstand the test of time.

Primo Ceramic Grill Primo Large Round Ceramic Kamado Grill from $999.00

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