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Sole Gourmet Doors and Drawers

Outdoor grilling isn't always fun. Especially when you have to scramble through an overflowing storage space just to find the right item.
Searching high and low for utensils, plates, condiments or corkscrews takes time away from socializing.
With Sole Gourmet, organizing outdoor entertaining becomes an easier task that takes less time — without costing extra money to decorate.
Sole Gourmet Sole Gourmet 25" x 17" Enclosed Trash Drawer $419.00 $489.00
Sole Gourmet Sole Gourmet Enclosed Towel and Drawer Combo 1 review $589.00 $679.00
Sole Gourmet Sole Gourmet Built-in Towel Holder from $199.00 $259.00
Sole Gourmet Sole Gourmet Single Utility Drawer $269.00 $319.00

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