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Coyote 22" Asado Built-In Ceramic Grill

Coyote 22" Asado Built-In Ceramic Grill

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Power Burner Sleeve

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Coyote Asado Power Burner Sleeve for C1CHCS Asado Cooker

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Grill Carts

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Coyote Asado Ceramic Grill Cart

Coyote Universal Cart

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Asado Accessories

Coyote Asado Pizza Stone
Coyote Asado Heat Deflector
Coyote Asado Chicken Throne
Coyote Asado Grate Gripper
Coyote Asado Vinyl Cover
Coyote Asado Accessory Bundle

Grill Accessories

Coyote Drop-In Griddle
Coyote Lump Charcoal
Coyote Smoker Box
Coyote Island Vent Cover
Coyote Spice Rack
Coyote Smoker Tube
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Coyote 22" Asado Ceramic Grill is also available in Built-In and Freestanding models.


While outdoor living spaces are as unique as the people who create them - the centerpiece of many outdoor spaces is the grill. At Coyote Outdoor Living, we understand that grills can be as different as the cooking needs and desires of the outdoor chef that is using them. We are proud of the diverse breadth of our product lineup of cooking equipment, and Coyote Outdoor offers a wide range of sizes and types of traditional gas grills.

Coyote Outdoor Living understands the importance of delivering durable products that last a lifetime. All of our grills are built with premium-grade 304 stainless steel throughout and have features such as double-walled stainless steel hoods, cast stainless steel burners, and zinc-nickel alloy knobs. Our specially designed firebox combined with our professional burner system delivers a perfect, even cooking experience every time.


Why Coyote?

A Passion for Outdoor Living
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Coyote Outdoor Living is passionate about being a part of fulfilling our customers’ outdoor living aspirations. Our products are designed with that goal in mind from conception, through engineering, and throughout the life of the product. Coyote Outdoor Living believes outdoor living enriches the lives of our customers, and it is our passion to make this happen.

Outdoor living can be about life on the go or the migration of the heart of the home from the inside kitchen to an outdoor entertainment oasis. Whatever outdoor living means to you, Coyote designs and builds products to complement your outdoor lifestyle.

Product performance is an extension of our passion. We believe that the preparation of food and drink brings people together, sparks creativity, and is a source for comfort and relaxation. Coyote Outdoor Living’s products are designed with precision, power, and durability to give you and your loved ones the space and freedom to pursue your outdoor passion to the utmost.

An Uncompromised Dream
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At Coyote Outdoor Living, we believe that our customers should never compromise their outdoor living experience. With our best-in-class features, high-quality materials and construction at an attainable price, they will not have to.

Even the most discerning outdoor culinary artist will be impressed with the power and efficiency of our Coyote Infinity Burners™ and Coyote I-Burners™. Coyote Outdoor’s RapidSear™ burner will give the best steakhouse a run for its money for intense searing of steaks and seafood. Cooking at night? Standard interior lighting on all models will mean great results every time.

Value does not end with the products themselves. Coyote Outdoor Living prides itself on our customer service. We care – in word and deed. Our products not only have great price points but also are covered by a comprehensive warranty to ensure your experience is what you want and more. Our customers will not have to compromise desired features and benefits, or cooking performance and product longevity because of a price point.


Asado Ceramic Grill

Coyote Outdoor’s Asado Cooker is an extremely versatile outdoor appliance and will add value and enjoyment to every outdoor living experience. Not only can it be used for grilling, but also in baking pizzas and bread; smoking large cuts of meat at slow temperatures, as well as searing vegetables and fish with temperature-controlled perfection. Due to the Asado’s excellent heat retention properties, varied desired temperatures can be achieved and maintained by precise control of airflow via the top venting cap and the bottom slide vents. This coupled with the design of the internal core of the Asado and our specially designed laser cut grates will allow for easy high temperature cooking for items such as hamburgers or sausages or lower, slower temperature needs for items like lamb shoulder or slow-cooked pork.

Coyote offers its own lump charcoal as well as a robust set of accessories to make your Asado Cooker a must-have appliance for any outdoor kitchen design.



  • Coyote Laser Cut Signature Cooking Grate™
  • Heat-Resistant Ceramic Construction
  • Adjustable Venting To Maintain Precise Cooking Temperatures
  • Smoke, Sear, Grill Option
  • Accessories can be purchased as bundles (Model: ASADO-ACC).



    Model C1CHCS
    Installation Type Built-In
    Fuel Type Charcoal
    Cooking Area 254 sq. in. Cooking Area
    Cutout Dimensions 17" (H) x 22 1/2" (W) x 22 1/2" (D)
    Overall Dimensions 34" (H) x  22 1/4" (W) x 22 1/4" (D)
    Dimensions w/ Cart

    50 1/2" (H) x 22 1/4" (W) x 28 1/2" (D)


    Optional Upgrades & Accessories

    Asado Ceramic Grill Cart

    • Cart for Asado Built-In Ceramic Grill
    • Stainless Steel

    Universal Cart

    • Universal Cart
    • Can be used for Asado Built-In Ceramic Grill
    • Stainless Steel

    Asado Vinyl Cover

    • Black Vinyl Cover with Screen Printed Lettering
    • Compatible with Asado Built-In Ceramic Grill

    Asado Accessory Bundle

    • Includes Pizza Stone, Asado Heat Deflector, Chicken Throne, Grate Grippers, and Asado Cover.

    Asado Pizza Stone

    •  Evenly cook crispy pizzas, flatbreads, and other outdoor culinary delights.

    Asado Heat Deflector

    • Evenly distributes heat across the grids.

    Asado Chicken Throne

    • Marinade infusion tool for great-tasting chicken or turkey.

     Asado Grate Gripper

    • Allows you to lift the pizza stone or cooking grids when they are too hot to handle.
    • For use with Asado Ceramic Grill

    Lump Charcoal

    • 20 Lb. Bag Hardwood Lump Charcoal
    • For use in all Coyote charcoal grill models.



    Coyote Outdoor Living offers a limited lifetime warranty for stainless steel frame/housing and burners; a limited 5-year warranty for cooking grids; a limited 2-year warranty for heat control grid and electric/plastic components; and a limited 1-year warranty for ignition systems/valves. 



    Warning: This product can expose you to Carbon Monoxide, which is on the list of substances known by the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information, see CA Prop 65 Warning.

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    • Once I decided on buying this particular model, I did exhaustive research on several different vendors and settled on the Grill Collection, because of their amazing customer service, response time, and unbelievable price match. Jerome was absolutely amazing to work with, and I very much look forward to ordering the rest of my appliances and equipment for my outdoor kitchen space in the coming days. The customer service from Grill Collection is unmatched by any of the other companies I have spoken with. Someone is always right there to step in and answer a question for you. After sending an email inquiry, I received a response in less than two hours. The delivery process was flawless. Once I was notified the grill had shipped, I was immediately given my tracking number, and within days I was contacted by the carrier to set up delivery. The delivery process was incredibly smooth, they placed the grill exactly where I requested it, they inspected it with me, and I couldn't be happier. From shipping to arrival, it was less than a week before it arrived to ship cross country. If you are in need of anything for your backyard space, Grill Collection is the place to buy it!!!

      Dave P.

      Charlotte, NC

    • The primary reason I chose Grill Collection is because they had the item I wanted in stock where other sites selling the same item wasn't available till the end of the year. I had already purchased the unit from another website and I really didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to get a refund and then waiting for the refund and then turning around and purchasing another unit somewhere else. I purchased the unit from the other website previously because their website said I would receive the unit by the end of July. When the transaction was completed and they finally received the notice from the manufacturer the shipping and receiving dates changed. It was now shipping by Nov 27th and receiving by Dec 2nd, basically I would be waiting half a year to receive my order so that wasn't going to work. By then summer is over!!! Second and most important reason I chose Grill Collection is because of Erica's awesome customer service, many many thanks to Erica for her service. She finalized my decision based on many factors besides the fact that I'm an Amazon Prime Member and paying through Amazon would work for me as well but also these reasons: 1. Prompted to serve customers need. 2. If I had problems with my order I know it wouldn't take hours to get s hold of customer service 3. Talking to a live representative vs machine 100% 4. Piece of mind knowing that I'm doing business with a company that's 100% behind my customer satisfaction with guaranteed product availability and delivery, makes me want to purchase only from them. 5. Lower price definitely!!! 6. 👍😇😉😆 Thank you Can't wait to get my grill!!


      Newark, NJ

    • I had a fantastic experience with the Grill Collection. First when I was shopping online for the Napoleon Prestige 500 grill you had the lowest price online. I was shopping late on a Saturday night and was not expecting anyone to be available to chat to answer some questions but someone was available (I forget his name) and he answered my questions so I placed the order that day. Lastly I know most of these were taking 4 weeks to ship but you were able to ship mine in under 3 weeks, sooner than expected. Post order support was great as well. You should be very proud of the service you provide, few companies have people online available to chat at on the weekends and shipping sooner than expected is rare!


      Jacksonville, FL

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