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SmokinTex 14" Stainless Steel 1100 BBQ Residential Electric Smoker

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SmokinTex 14" Stainless Steel 1100 BBQ Residential Electric Smoker model is also available in 14001500, and 1500-C models.


SmokinTex is the secret to perfect smoked foods!

SmokinTex electric smokers for home and commercial use make old-fashioned pit barbecues and delicious natural wood-smoked foods. Our electric smokers create excellent smoke flavor and a tender, moist meal every time. In a SmokinTex meat smoker, food is slow-cooked, over real wood smoke. The low, slow, even heat is gentle to food-you can really taste the difference!

SmokinTex History

Do Try This At Home

In 1999, after owning and operating a successful barbecue restaurant in downtown Dallas, Jim Smith set out to create a smoker for home use that would recreate the amazing flavors and textures of the food his customers loved.

Thus, one man's lifelong passion for cooking turned into SmokinTex-the highest quality, stainless steel electric smokers around.

“I wanted to make smokers the way folks told us they wanted them,” Smith says.

That meant high-quality stainless steel, thick insulation, and electric power.


If You Build It, They Will Come

There was nothing on the market at that time that came close to meeting the standards of the people Jim Smith met from across the country who wanted a smoker for their own use. It needed to be affordable, but long-lasting and easy to use.

So he created his own specifications and contacted several manufacturers until he was satisfied he had found the right one to get the job done.

SmokinTex was born, and it was a hit.

Catering to the Caterers

In 2005, SmokinTex fulfilled another dream for Jim Smith with the launch of our line of commercial smokers for use in restaurants, catering companies, and large facilities like country clubs, lodges, and more.

“I decided to create a commercial smoker for restaurants like I wish I had been able to buy when I operated my own restaurant,” Smith says.

Once again taking the direction from his own experience and the requests of chefs and cooks in commercial settings, Smith designed SmokinTex commercial smokers to meet the needs of those who use them all day long every day. With their large capacity, additional racks, and sturdiness chefs rave about them.

Pleasing People the SmokinTex Way

Now, there are thousands of SmokinTex smokers making people happy all over the United States and overseas-in homes and backyards, restaurants, catering facilities, hotels, and country clubs.

SmokinTex customers have even won cookin' contests around the country with their smokers. Our products have been featured on TV programs such as “The Today Show,” and best of all, our customers are making countless families, friends, and their own customers happy with flavorful foods from their SmokinTex smokers.



SmokinTex PRO Series BBQ Electric Smokers and Slow Cook Ovens make old-fashioned pit barbecue and delicious natural wood smoked foods. This is genuine pit barbecue with a tender, moist product with an excellent smoked flavor. Food is slow-cooked, over real wood smoke. Static Air Cooking keeps moisture and flavor in the food. Low, slow, even heat is gentle to food. (No water pan required.) Easy to use, just plug it in, put in the wood and food, shut the door, and set the temperature. No attention is needed while cooking!

Cold Smoke with an additional Cold Smoke Plate. Smoke is created as wood smolders in an electrically heated wood box while the food is kept cool.

The stainless steel top and interior make for easy cleanup. Grills and racks go right in the dishwasher.

Why SmokinTex Pro Series Smokers?

  • Easy to Use
    • Prepare your meat or fish, place wood, wood chips, or pellets in the wood box, close the door, and set the temperature. A few hours later you have delicious smoked food at the center of your plate!
  • Environment Friendly
    • Runs on very little electrical power that costs pennies per hour. It never requires more than 2-4 ounces of wood, wood chips, or a few wood pellets – a renewable source of flavoring that’s always untreated and in its purest form.
  • Multiple Uses
    • A quality outdoor oven that doubles as a smoker and warming oven. This smoker makes the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen!


  • Easy to use. Put in wood and food, shut the door, and set the temperature
  • No attention is needed while cooking
  • Thermostat for even temperature control
  • Low, slow, and even temperature is gentle to food
  • Smokes beef, pork, poultry, fish, seafood, lamb, sausage, game, vegetables, etc.
  • Makes great jerky.
  • Cold smoke with an optional cold smoke plate (Great for cheese, pasta, etc.)
  • Controlled heat combined with a well-insulated cabinet and no-draft cooking conditions produces a consistent, quality product
  • Safe – does not get hot on the outside
  • Easy to move around – At 23 lbs. it is easily carried from the kitchen to the patio (wheels available as an accessory)
  • Easy to clean. Grills and Rails go in the dishwasher
  • Use any dry hardwood – no pellets or special woods required
  • Smoker arrives assembled and ready to use!
  • Free lifetime technical support for your smoker.



Model No. 1100
Fuel Type Electric
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity Approx. 23 lbs. per load, 1.7 Cu. Ft., 243 Cu. In.
Wattage 350W heating element
Amps 8 Amps
Voltage 120V single phase current
Insulation Full-excluding bottom
No . of Shelves 2
Outside Dimensions 14.75" (W) x 18.75" (D) x 21.25" (H)
Inside Dimensions 12.5" (W) x 13.5" (D) x 17.25" (H)
Wheels Optional
Weight 50 lbs.
**Please Note: The turkey tray does not fit model 1100.

Options and Accessories

Smoker Cart

  • Has fold down side shelf and stationary shelves for easy
    storage of wood and accessories.
  • All stainless steel.
  • 4 Wheels-two are locking.


  • Gray
  • Sturdy all-weather cover.  (3-Year Warranty)
  • Protect your smoker oven from the elements.
  • Fits only our model 1100 smokers.

Wheel Set

  • Replacement wheel set to fit SmokinTex smoker models 1100 and 1400. 
  • 2 wheels locking/2 wheels non-locking.

Cold Smoke Plate

  • Create great smoked flavor in cheeses, pasta, salads, and vegetables, with our cold smoke plate.
  • Makes excellent smoked salsa! Perfect for when you want the smoked flavor but not the heat.

Pro Seafood Grill

  • The stainless steel seafood grill is great for smoking small items that could fall through larger grills.

Pro Grill Standard

  • Pro Series 1100 Standard Grills/Racks Stainless Steel.

Smokebox Insert

  • Stainless steel wood chip insert allows you to put wood chips into the wood box and not have small pieces fall through the holes.
  • It can also be used with regular chunks to allow easy removal of the ashes after the cooking cycle is completed.



SmokinTex offers a Two-year limited warranty for all components.


Safety Information: See CA Prop 65 Warning section for more information.

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