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Tuscan Chef


Tuscan Chef 34" GX-B1 Medium Portable Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven

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The “Obvious Choice” for the backyard chef.

A Tuscan Chef Oven will provide a unique entertaining atmosphere for you, your family, and your friends. Take your oven cooking outdoors and enjoy the centuries-old tradition of “open fire” cooking on your patio!

The Tuscan Chef Advantage!
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Experience the ultimate outdoor cooking experience with Tuscan Chef outdoor wood-fired ovens. With their efficient design, durable construction, versatility, and ease of use, these ovens offer an affordable alternative to traditional brick/clay-style wood-fired ovens. The unique vertical structure of the TC ovens allows for separate chambers for the fire and oven while still allowing wood flavor smoke to enter the oven chamber for that traditional wood-fired cooking experience. Assembling in just 30 minutes and curing in only 1 hour, these ovens offer 2 to 4 times more cook space than similarly priced free-standing wood-fired ovens. With infinite temperature control, TC ovens are rated for temperatures up to 950°F and quickly achieve a temperature range of 250°F to 950°F, making them the perfect choice for cooking meat, poultry, fish, bread, vegetables, desserts, and of course the finest pizza you have ever tasted. Discerning chefs love TC ovens because they cook a variety of foods to perfection, impart smoky flavors, and enhance the outdoor culinary experience. Simple, fun, and easy to operate, TC ovens offer great entertaining opportunities and have been chosen by two TV chef personalities for use in their outdoor kitchens.

 Value and Functionality
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Tuscan Chef ovens are built and engineered for durability, using the highest quality materials such as heavy 6mm (1/4) welded steel and stainless steel construction, heat retention from refractory brick in the fire chamber, and insulation that surrounds the oven chamber. With a small space footprint, suitable for any backyard environment, its modular design reduces the cost and provides more design options for outdoor kitchen applications. They offer 4 portable units that include a heavy-duty steel cart that also provides wood storage, all ovens come equipped with stainless steel side handles and portable cart models are equipped with large casters (2 lockings) that allow for easy maneuvering of the unit. Additionally, 3 built-in models are available and are easily incorporated into any Outdoor Kitchen Design. Tsucan's large oven chamber is equipped with a second-level stainless steel removable shelf providing a large cooking environment. Cleaning and maintenance are easy and minimal, and we offer retail pricing options to suit the outdoor cooking enthusiast. All of their ovens come with a 2-year Warranty.

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At TC Ovens, we provide you with a unique culinary and entertaining outdoor experience. Our wood-fired ovens are famous for making delicious pizzas, but they are also great for cooking a wide variety of other dishes. With great results every time, pizza cooks in less than 4 minutes at 650°F. After a satisfying oven meal, open the fire chamber door and enjoy a cozy fire. Our ovens are designed for year-round outdoor use and come with an instruction manual that provides details of assembly, operation,  and maintenance. Take the cooking outdoors and enjoy the centuries-old tradition of wood-fired cooking with family and friends.


Enjoy the wood-smoked flavor with the newest addition to our outdoor oven line with the capacity to keep all your guests dining happily. Wood-fired ovens provide a combination of baking, roasting, and smoking functions, that achieve healthy, delicious, and unique cooking experiences. Outdoor ovens are suitable for all kinds of food from pizzas, a roast, turkeys, lamb, bread, pies, and your own creativity.

The ovens have two chambers, the bottom chamber is used as the fire box for the upper oven chamber. The oven is lined with high-temperature firebrick on which pizza trays and other items can be placed directly for baking. Vents on both sides of the oven allow smoke to pass from the fire chamber to the food, imparting it with wonderful smoky flavors, just like a traditional wood-fired oven. For best results use only select hardwoods for firing your oven, to achieve the high temperatures your oven is designed for. Flavored wood chips may also be added to the fire, to provide unique flavors.


  • Includes removable stainless steel side shelves
  • Includes stainless steel side handles
  • With cart



Oven Size 28.5” (H) x 34” (W) x 19” (D)
Cook Chamber Interior 10” (H) x 18.25” (W) x 18.5” (D)
Fire Chamber Interior 7” (H) x 21” (W) x 16” (D)
Chimney and Cap 39” (H) x 4” Diameter
Stand 23” (H) x 34” (W) x 19” (D)
Weight Oven: 485 lbs.
Stand: 55 lbs
Overall Height (including chimney and cap) 92" (H)

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