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Bonfire Outdoor Prime 500 42" 5-Burner Built-In Natural Gas Grill with Infrared Rear Burner

Bonfire Outdoor Prime 500 42" 5-Burner Built-In Natural Gas Grill with Infrared Rear Burner

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The Bonfire Outdoor 42" 5-Burner Built-In Grill is crafted from high-grade 304 stainless steel for superior strength and durability. Experience professional 5-burner cooking, with an infrared rear burner providing even heat distribution. Laser-cutting technology ensures a perfect shape every time. Enjoy reliable grilling every time.

What's Included

  • Grill Head x 1
  • Cast Stainless Steel Burner x 5
  • Cooking grate x 3
  • Flame Tamer x 5
  • Heat Divider x 4
  • Warming Rack x 1
  • Grease Pan x 1
  • Rotisserie Kit Set
    • Motor x 1
    • Motor Mount Bracket x 1
    • Left Roller x 1
    • Spit Fork x 1
    • Spit Rod x 1
    • Right Roller x 1
    • Washer x 2
    • Counter Balance x 1
    • Handle x 1
    • Bracket Screw x 2
  • Rotisserie Rod Holder x 2
  • Transformer x 1
  • NG Regulator x 1
  • Conversion Nut Driver x 1
  • Grill Cover x 1

Not Included (Sold Separately)

  • Side-Burner
  • Cooking Plate
  • Smoker Box
  • Built-In Accessories


  • This gas grill is designed to be built into an outdoor kitchen countertop
  • Cast stainless steel burners and solid 304 stainless steel cooking grates give you a great surface for even cooking
  • Blue LED control panel lights and high temperature-resistant halogen cooking surface lights make it easier to have a barbecue at night
  • Double layer hood
  • Three cast stainless steel burners with an infrared rear burner
  • Flame thrower ignition
  • Pre-assembling model

304 Stainless Steel Heat Divider

At BONFIRE, we believe that quality always comes first. The latest laser-cutting technology allows us to create the perfect shape of our products. High gauge 304 stainless steel in grills and whole piece granite or marble on islands provide tremendous strength and durability for outdoor use.

Fully Welded Firebox

A fully welded firebox can help to maintain the great temperature in the chamber and prevent any oil from leaking from the side

304 Stainless Steel Cooking Grate

304 stainless steel cooking grate with even space in between to perfectly sear your steak.

Polished Edge Hood & Control Panel

Well-polished shiny edge is the combination of luxury and craftsmanship, and style.

Blue LED Lights

Shiny blue LED light adds a little style to your unique outdoor kitchen.

Ceramic Infrared Rear Burner

The powerful ceramic rear burner is engineered for great temperature and even heat. Perfect for your rotisserie cooking.


Model No. CBB500
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Installation Type Built-In
Main Burners Total BTU 75,000
Number of Main Burners 5
Infrared Burner BTU 15,000
Grilling Surface BTUs 90,000
Ignition Type Flame Thrower
Main Construction
304 Stainless Steel Construction
Cooking Area 720 sq. in.
Cutout Dimensions 10.12" (H) x 40.54 (W) x 21" (D)
Overall Dimensions 24.8" (H) x 42" (W) x 27.9" (D)


Limited Lifetime Warranty BONFIRE cast stainless burners, stainless steel cooking grates, and stainless steel housing are warranted for as long as you own your BONFIRE grill. This warranty excludes discoloration, surface scratches, weather and atmospheric-related staining, and minor surface rust and oxidation which are normal conditions and to be expected with any outdoor product. The actual part will be repaired or replaced, free of charge, with the owner paying for all other costs, including labor and freight
3-Years Limited Warranty BONFIRE cast brass side burner, stainless steel burners, infrared back burner, knobs, brass valves, drip pans, tamers, and warming rack are warranted for THREE (3) YEARS under normal residential use from the original date of purchase. The actual part will be repaired or replaced, free of charge, with the owner paying for all other costs, including labor and freight.
1-Year Full Warranty BONFIRE warrants its outdoor gas grill, all of their component parts, ignition system (excluding batteries), and electronic components (including lights and thermometers) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the original date of purchase. BONFIRE will repair or replace, at its option, any part, which fails or is found to be defective during the warranty period, at no cost to the original purchaser. Warranty service must be performed by a Bonfire’s authorized representative during normal business hours.
Warranty Limitations & Exclusions

This warranty applies to the original purchasers for products which are installed in the United States or Canada and which are operated and maintained as intended for single family residential usage. This warranty is valid only with proof of purchase, shall commence on the date of purchase, and shall terminate (both as to original and any replacement products) on the anniversary date of the original purchase of the product stated on the above schedules.

This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover parts which become as a result of negligence, misuse, use not in compliance with the Installation Instructions And Owner’s Manual, accidental damage, natural disaster, improper handling, improper storage, improper installation, lack of required routine maintenance (as specified in the Installation Instructions And Owner’s Manual), electrical damage, local gas impurities or failure to protect against combustibles. Modifications to products which are not specifically authorized will void this warranty. Accessories, parts, valves, etc. when used must be BONFIRE products or this warranty is void. Warrantied items will be repaired or replaced at BONFIRE’s sole discretion. This warranty does not apply to rust, corrosion, oxidation, or discoloration unless the affected part becomes inoperable.

This warranty does not cover labor or labor related charges, except as provided by separate specific written programs from Bonfire Production Corp. All repair work must be performed by a qualified professional service person and requires prior approval of Bonfire Production Corp.

BONFIRE may require the defective product or part to be returned to the factory to determine the cause of failure. Bonfire will pay freight charges if the product or part is determined to be defective. This warranty does not cover breakage in shipment from our (independent) distributor to its customer if the damage is determined to have occurred during that shipment.

This warranty specifically excludes liability for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. Some states and provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specified legal rights, and you may ave other rights that vary from state to state or province.

Documents & Files

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my infrared burner? The secret to cleaning an infrared burner is being extremely gentle. We recommend using a very soft scrubbing brush, or, a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the ceramics with warm soapy water and then a soft wet cloth. These infrared burners generally don’t need cleaning, but if you do clean, you must allow the burner to dry out properly and naturally.
How do I clean my cover? We recommend using warm soapy water and then washing the remains off with clean water. You can then either leave it to dry natural or towel dry.
How do I remove scratches from stainless steel? Copper Cleaner can be used to gently buff stainless steel. Minor scratches can also be concealed with the use of a stainless-steel polish.
How do I clean my stainless-steel cooking grate? It is best to burn off as much of the food residue straight after cooking, and once you have switched off the BBQ and it is cooling down brush the grates with a strong wire brush. If the grates are still not clean enough, once they cool down take them out and wash in warm soapy water and use a metal brillo pad to get off the heavy residue. Alternatively, the cooking grates can go in the dishwasher
Tips on cleaning your Bonfire grill to maintain grilling performance? Your Bonfire Grill User Manual includes top tips on how to clean and maintain your grill. User Manuals can be found here. We recommend using warm soapy water, avoiding use of chemical cleaning products at all times.
My BBQ has started to show little rust stains on one of my Bonfire Grill. Is this serious and what can be done about it?

We are sorry to hear that you have found some areas of rust stain on your Whistler product, this is a very rare occurrence on our Stainless Steel products and please be assured that this will not be penetrating rust, but more a rust stain. Whilst we make every effort to eliminate any areas exposed to rust, there are a few vulnerable areas where this cannot be totally avoided, namely door magnets, bolts, screws and welded joints. We advise you use a fine wire Brillo pad and work it gently over the areas of rust stain, always running with the grain of the Steel, thus avoids creating scratches. The rust stain patches should disappear very quickly as it will only be surface contamination. Once this has gone we recommend that you spray a light, clear oil, something like WD40 onto the steel and gently rub it in with a soft cloth, this action should reduce the chance of the stain returning.

Please remember that BBQ's are a little like cars, if you keep them clean and well maintained they will be trouble free for many years, leave them exposed to the elements and don't keep them clean and well maintained and they will deteriorate.

Should I cover my grill? Although Bonfire Grills are very durable and built too last, we recommend you protect your grill with a cover. High quality covers are included when purchasing from the Burford or Bibury range, and you can also find our Bonfire covers in Accessories.
Do the free-standing barbecues come with a cover? Our Bonfire Grills all come with high quality covers. A full range of replacement covers can be found on our website and can be purchased from your nearest Retailer.
How do I use my rotisserie? To use a rotisserie correctly, you place the meat carefully onto the bar, holding it in place with the pronged fittings. You then switch on the rear burner and engage the rotisserie bar into the rotisserie motor then switch the motor on. This turns the rotisserie automatically. Make sure the piece of meat is not too wide for the cooking are once the lid is down as this will cause rotating issues.
What are the measurements for the Bonfire Griddle Plates?

The Bonfire Griddle Plate measurements are as follows:

  • Bonfire 3 Burner griddle plate: 326 x 480mm, thickness = 4mm 304 stainless steel.
  • Bonfire 4 Burner griddle plate: 402 x 480mm, thickness = 4mm 304 stainless steel.
  • Bonfire 500 Burner griddle plate: 336 x 480mm, thickness = 4mm 304 stainless steel.
How much weight can the rotisserie hold? 20lb maximum weight limit, but make sure that the BBQ lid can be closed if you choose to cook a big piece of meat.
How do I use my smoker box? Remove the grate and place the Smoker Box which is filled with your desired chips on to the frame, then replace the grate and your BBQ is ready to switch on.
Do you carry spare parts? Yes, we carry spare parts for most of our products. If we don't have them in stock at the time, we can order them from the factory. Though this may take some time.
Are the Sear Burners integrated into the grills or are they a separate unit? The Sear Burners are an optional extra within our accessories range, replacing one of the cast stainless burners.
Can I buy another stainless steel cooking grill for the Bonfire Grills instead of the cast iron cooking plate? Yes, you are able to buy an additional stainless steel cooking grill to replace the cast iron cooking plate, however these would need to be ordered in due to Bonfire not carrying free stock of the stainless steel cooking grid. Here's a video of swapping the grate for a griddle plate.
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  • Once I decided on buying this particular model, I did exhaustive research on several different vendors and settled on the Grill Collection, because of their amazing customer service, response time, and unbelievable price match. Jerome was absolutely amazing to work with, and I very much look forward to ordering the rest of my appliances and equipment for my outdoor kitchen space in the coming days. The customer service from Grill Collection is unmatched by any of the other companies I have spoken with. Someone is always right there to step in and answer a question for you. After sending an email inquiry, I received a response in less than two hours. The delivery process was flawless. Once I was notified the grill had shipped, I was immediately given my tracking number, and within days I was contacted by the carrier to set up delivery. The delivery process was incredibly smooth, they placed the grill exactly where I requested it, they inspected it with me, and I couldn't be happier. From shipping to arrival, it was less than a week before it arrived to ship cross country. If you are in need of anything for your backyard space, Grill Collection is the place to buy it!!!

    Dave P.

    Charlotte, NC

  • The primary reason I chose Grill Collection is because they had the item I wanted in stock where other sites selling the same item wasn't available till the end of the year. I had already purchased the unit from another website and I really didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to get a refund and then waiting for the refund and then turning around and purchasing another unit somewhere else. I purchased the unit from the other website previously because their website said I would receive the unit by the end of July. When the transaction was completed and they finally received the notice from the manufacturer the shipping and receiving dates changed. It was now shipping by Nov 27th and receiving by Dec 2nd, basically I would be waiting half a year to receive my order so that wasn't going to work. By then summer is over!!! Second and most important reason I chose Grill Collection is because of Erica's awesome customer service, many many thanks to Erica for her service. She finalized my decision based on many factors besides the fact that I'm an Amazon Prime Member and paying through Amazon would work for me as well but also these reasons: 1. Prompted to serve customers need. 2. If I had problems with my order I know it wouldn't take hours to get s hold of customer service 3. Talking to a live representative vs machine 100% 4. Piece of mind knowing that I'm doing business with a company that's 100% behind my customer satisfaction with guaranteed product availability and delivery, makes me want to purchase only from them. 5. Lower price definitely!!! 6. 👍😇😉😆 Thank you Can't wait to get my grill!!


    Newark, NJ

  • I had a fantastic experience with the Grill Collection. First when I was shopping online for the Napoleon Prestige 500 grill you had the lowest price online. I was shopping late on a Saturday night and was not expecting anyone to be available to chat to answer some questions but someone was available (I forget his name) and he answered my questions so I placed the order that day. Lastly I know most of these were taking 4 weeks to ship but you were able to ship mine in under 3 weeks, sooner than expected. Post order support was great as well. You should be very proud of the service you provide, few companies have people online available to chat at on the weekends and shipping sooner than expected is rare!


    Jacksonville, FL

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