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ILVE 40'' Nostalgie II Antique White Dual Fuel Natural Gas Range with Brass Trim

ILVE 40'' Nostalgie II Antique White Dual Fuel Natural Gas Range with Brass Trim

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ILVE Nostalgie II Gas Range: The taste of tradition, with a modern key.

A feeling that takes shape in the heart of the home, stemming from its roots, while seeking new balances between the past and the present. Nostalgie is the range of cooking systems that combines elegant retro aesthetic inspiration with cutting edge technologies: from induction hobs to blast chillers to sous vide cooking.

Nostalgie range cookers integrate highly professional technologies and excellent materials with a classic style that is always inspiring. Undisputed protagonists of the kitchen, they offer a complete choice of sizes (from 60 cm to 150 cm) and various configurations: you can choose the flush-top induction up to 7 cooking zones with bridge function for 120 cm version, single or double oven, standard colours or RAL colours on request, various finishes and accessories.

Only available as an option for the Nostalgie collection, Noblesse frames are more than just a detail: they are a fine design feature that frames the front panels, matching the metallic finishes of the handles and knobs. The blind door inspired by the past is another option that elegantly enriches the style of Nostalgie.

    Ilve's Rich Heritage
    1952ILVE was born when Mr. Illotti and Mr. Berno came together to build appliances for local restaurants in Campodarsego, near Venice. They both had manufacturing experience and were passionate about food.

    1965Interest grew among locals and demand for products suited for home use began.

    1975ILVE employed craftsmanship in building country-style ovens; a precursor to the Nostalgie range of today.

    1980Using exquisite handcrafting skills ILVE begins production of unique country-style ovens, the essence of ILVE Nostalgie range today.

    1983ILVE was passed on by the founders to their sons who still run it to this day.

    1984ILVE broke into the Australian market.

    1989. ILVE established itself as a key player in manufacturing cooking appliances, especially those of the handmade variety.

    1990. ILVE embraces the global trend of built-in cooking appliances.

    1998. The Majestic line was launched and has since solidified its position as the standard for quality cooking appliances.

    1999. ILVE developed the Teppanyaki plate; “fry top”.

    2003. ILVE electric ovens achieved the European “A class rating”.

    2004. ILVE launched the Quadra range.

    2008. ILVE stayed true to its heritage of handmade appliances, employing over 300 craftsmen.

    2010. ILVE pioneered a range of industry-first products, including induction cooktops, steam ovens, and more.

    2013. The Quadra range was redesigned and expanded to include more options.

    2014. ILVE continued to be at the forefront of innovation, releasing its freestanding range and Gen 5 induction cooktops. ILVE releases its new range of Generation 5 Induction cooktops with extra large square inductors and unique zone bridging ability.

    2016. ILVE launched the built-in gas BBQ for professional outdoor use and also the combination steam oven.

    2017. Black glass made its first appearance in ILVE’s range of products. ILVE started offering Wine Cellars. Boasting an impressive array of features ILVE Wine Cellars become the newest addition to the stylish ILVE collection.

    2018. The hybrid induction cooktop with gas wok brass burner was introduced.

    Live, Cook and Love with ILVE!

    Handmade in Italy
    With the same passion as in the very beginning!

    Italians are renowned the world over for their passion for design. Combined with exquisite craftsmanship this has produced some of the most desirable products and iconic brands.

    That same passion and craftsmanship are what drove our founders Eugenio Illoti and Evelino Berno to create their first commercial cooker way back in 1952. Word spread quickly and soon there was a demand from passionate home cooks for a domestic product as good as their original commercial cookers.

    ILVE has come a long way since those early days. Our cooking appliances are now amongst the world’s finest and can be found in some of the most sophisticated homes throughout the globe. And not just for their beautiful design either.

    The consistent blue flame of solid brass burners, the cool touch of an oven door, and the delight of tepanyaki cooking are all testimony to our exceptional attention to detail. In short, a passion for innovation and craftsmanship permeates everything we do.

    Our state-of-the-art factory near Venice is home to the modern-day craftsmen and women of Italy who still to this day exquisitely handcraft and assemble ILVE appliances. It is their unique Italian sensibility and the legacy of Illoti and Berno that lives on in every ILVE kitchen. 
    Unparalleled Quality

    Superior Quality and Unrivalled Attention to Detail!

    Famous for beautiful Italian design, the proof of ILVE’s superior commercial grade quality is found in the unrivaled attention to detail that brings to life tangible benefits such as:

    Integrated Cavity Temperature Protection. All ILVE oven cavities are heavily insulated to protect your cabinetry from heat stress and discoloration. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an oven.

    Quality Construction. All ILVE appliances are made using 304 ‘surgical-grade stainless steel. Non-magnetic and rust-proof, ILVE ovens are also more hygienic as a result.

    Catalytic Oven Cleaning System. ILVE’s catalytic cleaning system combined with the stainless steel fat filter positioned over the rear fan allows for automatic cleaning of the oven interior.

    Triple Glazed Cool Touch Athermic Door. Constructed using three layers of .16" thick glass incorporating reflective metallic film means ILVE oven doors are always cool to the touch.

    Quickstart Temperature Control. ILVE’s Quickstart pre-heat function heats to 347°F in less than 8 minutes. Combined with dual capillary thermostats for accurate temperature adjustment up to 482°F, ILVE ovens put you in total control of your cooking.

    Heavy-Duty Hinges. Using two-point heavy-duty metal door hinges means ILVE ovens can withstand up to 55lbs. loads and close with a reassuring quality clunk.

    Easy Clean Glass Doors and Cavity. ILVE oven doors are simply removed so even the interior oven glass can be cleaned without the need for costly service calls. Furthermore, ILVE’s high-quality baked enamel interiors are easy to clean, non-staining, and highly resilient.

    Cast Iron Trivets. ILVE cooktops use heavy cast iron trivets with more fingers as they retain heat better and provide more stability during cooking.

    213 Color Choices

    Customize Your Oven with RAL Colors

    Using the universal RAL color system you can now order your ILVE freestanding cooker in any one of up to 213 colors. More than just a painted surface, ILVE custom colors are made in Italy using the same baked enamel system employed for our standard colors. The result is a high gloss, super resilient finish in literally any color you and your kitchen desire.

    Custom RAL colors are available on all ILVE freestanding ovens including on the Quadra, Majestic, and Nostalgie series.

    Yellow Hues

    Orange Hues

    Red Hues

    Violet Hues

    Blue Hues

    Green Hues

    Grey Hues

    Brown Hues

    White & Black Hues

    Contact us if you prefer these colors via call 888-918-4150, start a live chat, or email

    Brass Burners

    No Compromises Made.

    ILVE gas cooktops burn with an unmistakable consistent blue flame. Why is that so important and why blue? The answer lies in the attention to detail we apply to the patented design of our brass burners and the Venturi system that supplies them.

    ILVE gas burners are made using solid brass with technical precision resulting in superior performance. Brass is denser than commonly used aluminum. As such it is far more stable at high cooking temperatures and will not oxidize or pit, meaning ILVE burner holes will never clog with impurities. This would be evidenced in a more yellow flame and less heat output.

    With the ILVE Venturi system, the gas and air intake is located horizontally so that flow is never affected by the heat even after prolonged use. This clever design combined with the stability of brass maintains the efficiency of the burner over time. ILVE’s consistent blue flame is the visible indication of this complete, efficient combustion providing maximum heat with no drop-off.

    Furthermore, ILVE brass burner holes are machined at an angle to enable the blue flame to curl inwards towards the center of the burner. As such the base of saucepans is heated from the middle-out delivering optimum cooking efficiency. The superiority and longevity of ILVE’s solid brass burners are supported by their market-leading 2-year warranty.


    The Nostalgie immediately states its vocation as a range, designed and made for the most demanding, skilled user. Its classic look is enhanced by its frame, offering burners rated up to 15,5000 BTU/h. It is a fully-fledged professional range for the domestic market.

    • Over 50 Years of Specialized Cooking System: Their units are directly inspired by professional kitchens where the world's greatest chefs come up with their gastronomic creations. They've also borrowed from the materials used in professional set-ups, such as AISI 304 stainless steel, cast iron, brass, and copper - choices that improve the quality of life of our clients. Because cooking well means taking good care of yourself.
    • High-End Workmanship: Ilve ranges are not just beautiful to look at, they are fully fledged tools with professional performance. The components are subjected to the most stringent, unrelenting quality and reliability control, providing you with a reliable final product. Crafted and assembled by hand because there is no substitute for the expert eye and hand of specialist craftsmen.
    • Dual Functions Triple Ring Burner: This high-power burner will boil a pot of water in just a few minutes. Ideal for lovers of exotic cuisine, it is ideally suited for Chinese wok, as well as large pots and pans. Additionally, you can turn off the flames from the outer ring for use as a simmer burner.
    • Robust Cast Iron Grates: The heavy-duty grates form a continuous leveled surface over your cooktop for a more stable cooking environment, allowing you to move pots and pans from burner to burner without having to lift them.
    • Thermocouple Safety Valves: Shuts off the gas supply immediately in case of malfunction or if the burner goes out for extra added safety precautions.
    • Electric Rotisserie: Included with the drip pan, the electric rotisserie in the oven lets you roast meats while continuously self-basting it is own juices for better taste and tenderness.
    • Storage/Dishwarmer Drawer: The storage compartment provides an ideal location for storing pots and pans. It also serves as the perfect dish warmer drawer by using the residual heat from the oven to heat up your plates.
    • Oven Cooking Functions

      • Pizza Function - Ideal for cooking pizza and bread. Heat is supplied primarily from the bottom element which combines with the other elements at low power settings to create the ideal cooking conditions
      • Defrost - Quickly defrost all frozen foods and brings them up to room temperature.
      • Intense Cooking - Quick intensive cooking with steam exhaust. Ideal for foods with a crust, like roast potatoes and vegetables, chicken, salted fish, etc
      • Fan Grill Cooking - Very fast, deep cooking with excellent power savings, ideal for fishes like pork ribs, sausages, kebabs, game, baked pasta, etc.
      • Close Door Grill Cooking - The ideal function for fast, deep cooking for gratins and roast meats, fillets, Florentine steaks, grilled fish, and vegetables.
      • Top Cooking - Particularly suited to browning and giving a touch of color to dishes. Ideal for hamburgers, pork chops, steaks, soles, squid, etc.
      • Bottom Cooking - The best function for finishing off a cooking cycle, especially for pastries (biscuits, meringues, rose and fruit pastries, etc.) and other dishes.
      • Normal Static Cooking - The classic oven function, is ideal for pork ribs, sausages, cod, braised meat, game, roast, and many others.
      • Multiple Fan Cooking - This allows you to cook more than one dish at a time, without their aromas contaminating each other.


    Model No. UPD40FNMP/AWG NG
    Style Freestanding
    Cooktop Sealed Burner
    Drawer Storage
    Viewing Window Yes 
    Fuel Type Dual Fuel 
    Gas Type Natural Gas
    Continuous Grates Yes
    Digital Clock No
    Pro-Style Yes
    Burner Output
    Burner 1 Output 15,500
    Burner 2 Output 10,500
    Burner 3 Output  7,000
    Burner 4 Output 10,500
    Burner 5 Output 10,500
    Cooktop Features
    Burners / Elements 5
    Burners 5
    Cooktop Control Type Knobs
    Downdraft Ventilation No
    Griddle Yes
    Grill No
    Cast Iron Grates Yes
    French Top No
    Oven Features
    Dual Door Yes
    Steam-Clean No
    Primary Oven Capacity 2.44 cu. ft.
    Oven Racks 3
    Sabbath Mode No
    Self-Cleaning No
    Convection Yes
    Delay Bake No
    Digital Temperature Display No
    Oven Control Type Knobs
    Steam Oven No
    Double Oven Yes
    Timer Yes
    Temperature Probe No
    Interior Oven Light Yes
    Electrical Specifications
    Volts 220 - 240
    Amps 40
    Prong Wire 4
    Interior Width 17.32"
    Interior Height 13.19"
    Interior Depth 17.32"
    Width 39.37"
    Height 37.99"
    Depth 21.65"
    Exterior Width 40"

    Burner Output

    Options & Accessories

    Pizza Oven


    ILVE offers a two-year limited warranty.

    Wherein any (1) components of eligible products showing cosmetic defects, whether in material or workmanship, are covered by this warranty for a period of thirty (30) days from the product’s date of purchase. Coverage* is provided for:

    • Surface Imperfections (ONLY stainless steel)
    • Paint & Porcelain Imperfections Warranty Limitations:

    *Excludes slight differences in color due to materials and painting/enameling technologies. Photo/video proof required.

    This warranty covers (2) gaskets for a period of ninety (90) days from the product’s installation date; this warranty covers (3) replacement of glass components and light bulbs for a period of thirty (30) days after delivery.

    Documents & Files

    Safety Information: See CA Prop 65 Warning for more information.


    To avoid damaging the Range we suggest the following:

    • Unpack the Range

    • Remove the pan support on the tops

    • Remove all the burners from the top

    • Remove the oven doors

    • Remove all the accessories inside the oven

    So now that you have lightened the weight of the range, follow the directions below:

    • Remove the range from the pallet and place it on the floor

    • Overturn the range on the back side (please make sure that you have protection on the floor to protect the side and not damage it)

    • Install the feet

    • Set it upright

    View full details
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