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Kamado Joe 18" Red Classic Joe III Stand-Alone Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Grill

Kamado Joe 18" Red Classic Joe III Stand-Alone Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Grill

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Kamado Joe JoeTisserie for Classic Series Grills

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Kamado Joe iKamand Smart Temperature Controller for Classic Series Grills

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Kamado Joe DoJoe for Classic Series Grills

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Dome Cover

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Kamado Joe Black Polyester Dome Cover for Classic Joe Built-in Series & Pellet Joe Grills

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Tools & Accessories

Flame Boss 400-WiFi Kamado Smoker Controller and Blower Kit
Flame Boss 500-WiFi Kamado Smoker Controller and Blower Kit with LCD Display
Flame Boss WiFi Thermometer Kit with LCD Display
Kamado Joe Cast Iron Sear Plate for Classic Joe Series & Joe Jr. Grills
Kamado Joe Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grate for Classic Joe Series Grills
Kamado Joe Half Moon Cast Iron Reversible Griddle for Classic Joe Series Grills
Kamado Joe Half Moon Stainless Steel Fish & Vegetable Cooking Grate for Classic Joe Series Grills
Kamado Joe Stainless Steel Grill Expander for Classic Joe Series Grills
Kamado Joe 2-Piece Half Moon Heat Deflector Plates for Classic Joe Series Grills
Kamado Joe Ceramic Pizza Stone for Classic Joe Series Grills
Kamado Joe Wood Pizza Peel
Kamado Joe Stainless Steel Rib Rack for Classic & Big Joe Series Grills
Kamado Joe Ceramic Chicken Cooking Stand

Charcoal/Wood & Firestarter

Kamado Joe 24-Piece Odorless Cleanburning Wax Fire Starters
Kamado Joe Quick Igniting Electric Charcoal Starter
Kamado Joe 20 Lb. Big Block XL Lump Charcoal
Kamado Joe 10 Lb. Pecan Wood Chunks
Kamado Joe 10 Lb. Oak Wood Chunks
Kamado Joe 10 Lb. Maple Wood Chunks
Kamado Joe 10 Lb. Hickory Wood Chunks
Kamado Joe 10 Lb. Apple Wood Chunks
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Kamado Joe 18" Red Classic III Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Grill is available with a cart or stand-alone.

Going Beyond the Expected. The only brand created by kamado users, for kamado users. We’ve introduced a new standard in both quality and experience, letting our Joes focus on their craft.

The Story of Kamado Joe
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We’ve all been there: in the middle of something you love doing, only to be frustrated by the quality of a tool. Maybe it doesn’t break. But it doesn’t work like it could. That was our realization about grilling. We loved it. We did it all the time. But weekend after weekend, we’d find ourselves disappointed by our grills and tools. We knew there was a better way—which is what inspired us to design and develop a better grill. Kamado Joe® isn’t just a line of products. It’s what happens when two guys who love to grill get serious about creating the world’s best ceramic cooker. Better quality. Smarter features. More innovative accessories. That’s the story of Kamado Joe®.

Passion, Quality, Innovation
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The heart of our business isn’t a business. It’s a community of people who love the same thing everyone in our company loves: cooking outside with and for our friends and family. That passion is a fire that fuels us everyday in everything we do.


Crafted to perform better and last longer. That’s the simple, uncompromising quality standard that drives everything we do at Kamado Joe®—from design to production. Our goal is simple: that each product bearing our name becomes a trusted part of exceptional grilling experiences.


From our earliest days, our focus was on solving problems others hadn’t or couldn’t so that people could get more out of grilling. We don’t settle. It’s a commitment that’s clear in everything from the features of our flagship grills to the size of our massive lump charcoal.

Classic III

Our Kamado Joe® Classic III includes our newest innovation, the revolutionary SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert. Harnessing the power of cyclonic airflow technology to control heat and smoke, the SlōRoller insert is designed to perfect the taste and texture of food on low-and-slow cooks up to 500°F, and is easily swapped out for heat deflector plates when searing or grilling at higher temperatures. As with its predecessor, the Classic II, it also features a thick-walled, heat-resistant shell that locks in smoke and moisture at any temperature.

The Ceramic III Stand-Alone Grill is ideal for outdoor kitchen installation or use with any outdoor grilling table.

Grill Features

Kamado Joe Air Lift Hinge
  • Other kamado grills allow the dome to fall or slam during lifting or closing, but our breakthrough hinge significantly reduces dome weight - so you can lift it with a finger and stop it wherever you want.
3-Tier Divide & Conquer® Cooking System
  • Our patented Divide & Conquer® Flexible Cooking System transforms the humble grill grate into the most powerful cooking tool in your arsenal. The revolutionary multi-level, half-rack design frees you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures—all at the same time. You’ll end up with a perfect, well-rounded meal without ever leaving the grill.
Patented Slōroller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber
  • The first of its kind, the revolutionary SlōRoller leverages patented, Harvard science that transforms a Kamado Joe® into one of the world’s most optimal smokers. By distributing smoke and heat in rolling, recirculating waves throughout the smoke chamber, the SlōRoller surrounds food in clouds of delicious smoke while evenly distributing heat—resulting in enhanced flavor and significantly reduced hot spots.


  • Premium 18" ceramic grill
  • Patent-pending slōRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber
  • 3-Tier Divide & Conquer flexible cooking system
  • Patent-pending Kontrol tower top vent
  • Air lift hinge
  • Advanced Multi-Panel fireBox
  • Wire mesh fiberglass gasket
  • Patented slide-out ash drawer
  • 304 Stainless steel latch
  • 304 Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Grill gripper
  • Ash tool


Model Classic III
Fuel Type Charcoal
Configuration Freestanding/Built-In
Primary Color Blaze Red
Heat Range 225 °F – 750 °F
(500°F Max. when using SlōRoller)
Cooking Surface 254 sq. in. (18" diameter)
510 sq. in. (With 3 Tier Divide & Conquer®)
Kamado Thickness 1 1/4"
Thermometer Analog
Grill Dimensions 22.4" (W) x 35.6" (H) x 30" (D)
Grill Weight 225.1 lbs.

Optional Upgrades


    The durable cast aluminum JoeTisserie transforms the Kamado Joe® into a new kind of spit, harnessing the self-basting action of a rotisserie inside the signature Kamado Joe® high-fire ceramic body for meats that are smoky, juicy, and tender. With a quiet-but-powerful motor that can spin up to 50 pounds of chicken, prime rib or Boston butt, the innovative JoeTisserie features a distinctive wedge shape so cooks can seal off the kamado dome for optimal heat retention. The durable spit rod is easy to install and features quickly adjustable forks for excellent balance, and the constant, steady rotation preserves the meat’s natural juices for an even cook.

      Ikamand Smart Temperature Control and Monitoring Device

        Maintain automatic temperature control of your kamado ceramic grill with the iKamand smart grill feature and the Kamado Joe app. Simply attach the smart device to the bottom vent of your charcoal ceramic grill, and total control over heat, smoke, and the target temperature is in your hands.


            One of the latest innovations, the durable cast-aluminum DōJoe transforms your Kamado Joe into a best-in-class pizza oven. Ideal for beginners and expert chefs alike, the distinctive wedge shape of the DōJoe makes maintaining steady temperatures ranging from 400°F to 700°F effortless—even over the course of hours—while also allowing grillers to easily see and monitor their pizza or other baked goods as they cook. Dedicated supports for the Kamado Joe Heat Deflectors and Kamado Joe Pizza Stone ensure optimum distances between, guaranteeing perfect crust and crisp toppings.

              Optional Accessories

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              Grill Dome Cover
              • Fits snugly on the Kamado Joe dome to stay on during windy weather
              • Keeps the top of your grill safe from both weather and the sun thanks to 100 percent solution-dyed polyester construction.
              • Paddle handle for easy placement and removal.
              Kamado Joe Sear Plate
              • Due to the excellent heat retention and long-lasting durability, cast iron is ideal searing meats and sealing in flavor.
              • Each side produces a unique searing mark.
              Half Moon Soapstone
              • Great for a variety of foods, including fish, meats, and vegetables, the Soapstone Cooking surface is anti-bacterial and stain-resistant so you never have to worry about cross-contamination or messy cleanup.
              • The thick Canadian soapstone slab distributes heat evenly and keeps juices inside the meat for a flavor-packed meal.
              • The soapstone surface also inhibits flare-ups, meaning less burnt meat and added safety.
              Half Moon Cast Iron Grate
              • Ideal for all cuts, and the hearty grate marks sear meats and seal in flavor.
              • Mix and match different surfaces to suit any need and style.
              Cast Iron Reversible Griddle
              • Double sided griddle offers a smooth surface and a ribbed surface
              • Cast iron delivers excellent heat retention and is very sturdy
              • Mix and match different surfaces to suit any need and style.
              Stainless Steel Half Moon Fish & Vegetable Grate
              • Double-thick 304 stainless steel is ultra-smooth and engineered with a unique laser-cut groove pattern to optimize contact area and preserve juices and flavor.
              • The surface provides even heat distribution, while the grooves create perfect grill marks for plating.
              Grill Expander
              • Elevate vegetables and delicate meats away from the fire.
              • Sits directly on the grill with slotted feet for added stability.
              • Expands the cooking surface of your grill by up to 60 percent.
              Half Moon Deflector Plate (Set of 2)
              • Allows you to create heat zones in your kamado grill, which partially blocks off heat to provide indirect and open flame.
              • Ceramic design offers excellent heat retention.
              • Includes two half-moon ceramic heat deflector plates
              Ceramic Pizza Stone
              • For perfect pizza crust every time, we designed this high-impact ceramic pizza stone to distribute heat evenly and absorb extra moisture.
              • Easy to clean.
              Pizza Peel
              • With a wooden flat edge designed to slip underneath the pizza crust for effortless plating, the Kamado Joe Pizza Peel is the perfect lightweight serving tool.
              Stainless Steel Rib Rack
              • Optimizes grilling space, allowing large quantities of ribs to cook evenly.
              • Made of commercial-grade stainless steel for lasting quality.
              • Can be used on the cooking grate or with a heat deflector.
              Ceramic Chicken Cooking Stand
              • Sturdy chicken stand will hold one 16-ounce liquid of your choice plus a whole bird five pounds or smaller and works with any cooking method.
              • Made from heavy-duty ceramic for quality that lasts.

              Charcoal & Wood Options

              Can you use wood in a kamado grill? Absolutely! Fire and smoke are the two defining characteristics of incredible kamado cooking. Start with Kamado Joe Big Block XL Lump Charcoal, then add your choice of wood chunks to get the flavor you're looking for. Don't forget a pack of odorless, clean-burning fire starters to make starting the fire a breeze.

              Click to see charcoal and wood options
              Fire Starters
              • Our grill fire starter cubes are designed for igniting lump charcoal and to burn clean and odorless.
              • These fire starters are non-toxic and chemical free and will burn up to 1300 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes even when wet.
              Electric Charcoal Starter
              • Quickly fire up your grill with 600 watts of electricity delivered right to the charcoal.
              • The three-loop design and angled stainless steel element ensure the best contact for safe, fast light.
              Lump Charcoal - 20 Lbs.
              • 20-pound bags of 100 percent natural lump charcoal
              • Can burn up to 18 hours per bag
              • Made from a blend of hardwood - Guayacan, Guayaibi, Mistal, and White Quebracho.
              Pecan Wood Chunks - 10 Lbs.
              • Pecan is good for chicken, fish, and ribs.
              • These pecan chunks are air-dried, which means that the natural sugars are preserved giving a sweeter, tastier flavor than a kiln-dried chunk.
              Oak Wood Chunks - 10 Lbs.
              • Oak wood chunks impart a medium smoky flavor that is stronger than apple and cherry, but lighter than hickory and mesquite.
              • It’s great by itself but works well blended with apple, cherry, or hickory woods. Oak wood chunks work well just about any meat.
              Maple Wood Chunks - 10 Lbs.
              • Kiln dried maple wood chunks have a mild and slightly sweet flavor.
              • Use maple wood with poultry and small game birds.
              • Vegetables and cheeses are often grilled with maple.
              Hickory Wood Chunks - 10 Lbs.
              • Hickory wood chunks create a sweet, yet strong bacon flavor.
              • The smoke can be pungent, but it adds a nice, strong flavor to just about all meat cuts. It’s especially popular with pork and ribs.
              Hickory Wood Chunks - 10 Lbs.
              • Kiln dried apple wood chunks have a very mild, subtle, sweet, fruity flavor.
              • This is ideal for poultry, beef, pork (especially ham), game birds, lamb, and some seafood.


              Kamado Joe® offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Ceramic Parts used in this Kamado Joe® grill and smoker are free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the grill. A 5-Year Warranty on metal and cast iron parts. A 3-Year Warranty on Electronic Components, Heat Deflectors, and Pizza Stones. A 2-Year Warranty on Miscellaneous Components and Standalone Accessories including, but not limited to the thermometer, gaskets, and iKamand controllers.


              Built-In Installation Notes

              • Please check general guide on the manual for installing your ceramic grill in a built-in outdoor kitchen or grill table.
              • We highly recommend that the actual grill being installed be measured.
              • Table should be fixed on the ground or wall.
              • Non-flammable building materials are suggested for construction.

              CA Prop 65 Warning

              This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide and other combustion byproducts known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, see CA Prop 65 Warning section or download Kamado Joe CA Prop 65 Warning manual.

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                Jacksonville, FL

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