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Memphis 34" Stainless Steel Beale Street Built-In Wi-Fi Controlled Pellet Grill

Memphis 34" Stainless Steel Beale Street Built-In Wi-Fi Controlled Pellet Grill

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A Memphis Wood Fire Grill is the backyard chef’s secret weapon. It has you covered from pork chops to pies; from burgers to brisket to banana bread. By combining four separate cooking techniques (grilling, wood-fire searing, low-n-slow pellet smoking, and convection baking), it is quite possibly the most versatile and flavor-enhancing BBQ device on the planet.

Do more — a lot more — with one easy-to-use BBQ grill and smoker. Read more about how Memphis Grills are unlike any other grill you’ve ever seen.

Why Memphis?

Wood Fire Flavor
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Pure, Unforgettable Flavor

That’s what you get when you cook, smoke, bake, and grill over 100% natural hardwood pellets.

And, if you’ve never had the chance to give it a try – or you have, but you’ve given up because you think it’s too time-consuming or requires too much technical skill – you might not realize what you’ve been missing.

We think you should be cooking with wood. The reason? It simply tastes better.

Hardwood infuses your food with more flavor than gas and charcoal (Let’s be honest here, gas has no flavor. At all.) and is also an incredibly efficient, renewable fuel source. Pellets also generate less ash than charcoal, which means less cleanup for you! It’s a win-win.

From quick weeknight meals to next Saturday’s elegant dinner party to this summer’s backyard BBQ blow-out, your Memphis Wood Fire Grill will help you wow friends and family with high-end, restaurant-quality meals.

With our Memphis BBQ wood pellets, you can create rich, rewarding dining experiences, no matter what you’ve got on your grill, from wood-fired pizza to smoked brisket to killer hamburgers – even seared tuna with grilled pineapple salsa.

And, since our certified 100% pure hardwood pellets are dried and compressed under high heat, they hold their shape without glues or binders, while retaining their authentic wood flavor – making them perfect for cooking, grilling, and smoking.

Advantages of a Wood Fire Grill

"With a Memphis, cooking with wood is easy. What’s more, wood fire flavor is flat-out delicious."

Versatility: Smoke, Sear, Bake, and Roast
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The Most Versatile Grill on the Planet


Pellet smokers are often criticized for being incapable of searing at high temperatures. Well, what good is a grill if it can’t sear meat to get that delicious caramelized crust?

Worry not: The Memphis Wood Fire Grill is not like other pellet smokers, and we’ve mastered the perfect sear. Depending on the model of Memphis, you can sear from temperatures of 500°F-700°F or at an off-the-charts hot when cooking in Direct Flame Mode. Sear your steaks, chops, fish, or vegetables to delicious perfection with ease using the Memphis.


Smoking food used to take hard work, patience, and hours of babysitting your smoker. With a Memphis Grill, you can finally relax while your grill does the hard work for you. Go to bed in the evening and wake up with a perfectly cooked pork shoulder or leave your grill unattended while you entertain guests and return to a delicious meal.

Smoke Mode on the Memphis ranges from 180°F-295°F.


The Memphis Grill is a true convection oven, which is perfect for creating magnificent pastries and breads. Owning a Memphis Grill means you have a second kitchen appliance outdoors, but we’ve found that this grill outperforms most indoor ovens. Using the Intelligent Temperature Control™ system combined with top-of-the-line convection technology, the Memphis Grill offers fast cooking and results in evenly cooked food.

The convection blower within the grill circulates air and creates even distribution of heat, which means your baked goods will turn out better than they ever have.


Convection cooking isn’t just great for baking, it’s also perfect for roasting meats and vegetables. The convection blower ensures even cooking to all your favorite foods without the need for a messy rotisserie attachment.

Roasting on the Memphis Wood Fire Grill is so simple, and having a second appliance outside comes in handy on big holidays like Thanksgiving. Roasting your turkey on the Memphis results in moist, delicious meat, and also frees up your indoor oven to bake side dishes and baked goods without the hassle.

Unparalleled Smoking Results
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Our BBQ Smokers Offer Results Beyond Your Expectations

Smoke Meats Without the Time and Effort of Conventional Smokers

Smoking meats is a great way to inject flavor and succulence into a meal. Unfortunately, many BBQ smokers on the market today make the process far too complex and time-consuming. At Memphis Grills, we think anybody should be able to smoke their favorite meats, any time they want, without a degree in smoke science or training from an experienced barbecue pit master.

Gain All the Benefits of Our Smoker Grills

Our wood pellet smoker grills offer benefits unmatched by any other product on the market.


Popular kamado smokers take time to get up to temperature and a lot of manual effort to maintain that temperature. Our wood fire barbecue smokers take less time to get your food to temperature and require virtually no physical effort to maintain the ideal cooking state. Simply place your food on the grill, start it up, and monitor it via our innovative Memphis Grills App.


Hitting a specific cooking temperature is imperative for a good, smoky flavor. Memphis Grills allow you to set your desired temperature and walk away. Our convection blower and electronic temperature sensors maintain the temperature precisely.


Our dual pellet hopper system allows you to inject a wide range of flavor profiles into your meats. Choose a single flavor—apple, cherry, pecan, mesquite, hickory, or oak—or combine them using our dual pellet hopper for more unique flavor profiles.


We have invested significant amounts of time and effort into taking the difficulty and guesswork out of the smoking process. Our Intelligent Temperature Control™ system maintains the temperature that you set, allowing you to sit back and relax knowing that your grill is doing all the work for you. Better yet, use your meat probes to monitor the internal temperature of your foods remotely using the Memphis Grills App.

If you have wanted to try your hand at smoking, but have been intimidated by horror stories from friends using inferior grills, worry no longer. Memphis Grills BBQ smokers offer the quality, flexibility, and support you need to get flavor-filled results for your next meal.

Direct Flame Capability
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Direct Flame Capability

What good is a grill if it can’t sear?

We hear it all the time: “Pellet grills can’t sear”. Well, that’s true in most cases, but Memphis Wood Fire Grills are different.

Our pellet grills come standard with two inserts: The first is the Indirect Insert, which is used to smoke, roast, bake, and hit high temperatures for searing without an open flame. The second insert is the Direct Flame Insert. With the Direct Flame Insert in place, grillers can access Direct Flame Modes on their controller, which allows for cooking over an open flame at high temperatures that can’t be reached by most pellet grills.

This is one of our favorite features, as it gives restaurant-quality searing capabilities. The Direct Flame Insert makes searing a steak simple and gives you the flexibility and versatility that you need from an all-in-one pellet grill.

When it comes to a wood fire grill that can truly do it all, don’t settle for anything less than the best…

…a grill that can smoke, bake, sear, roast,
AND allows you to cook over an open flame
with the switch of an insert!

How to Use Direct Flame Insert:

Before Using the Direct Flame Feature

Before you begin cooking in Direct Flame Mode on your Memphis pellet grill, make sure you’re set up for success:

  • Ensure that the hopper is filled with pellets
  • Have your Genie Tool ready to go
  • Remove the grill grates and scrape off the Savorizer®
  • Clean out the burn pot (using your Genie Tool!)
  • Ensure that grease pans are cleaned and there’s no grease left from previous cooks

Using the Direct Flame Insert and Direct Flame Mode(s)

Configuring your Memphis pellet grill to cook over an open flame is simple. Follow these steps for using the Direct Flame Insert whenever you’d like to cook over an open flame and have direct flame access, starting with your Indirect Insert in place:

  1. Preheat your pellet grill to 400°F.
  2. Once the grill has reached 400°F, use the Genie Tool to set aside the center grill grates.
  3. Use your Genie Tool to remove the Indirect Insert. Caution: The insert will be hot. Set aside somewhere safe on a non-combustible surface, away from children and pets.
  4. Insert the Direct Flame Insert, ensuring that it is fully seated in the Savorizer®.
  5. Replace the grill grates that you set aside back to their place above the Insert.
  6. Press and hold the “up” arrow until temperature reaches the model’s highest set temperature, then press the “up” arrow again to access LOW, MED, and EXTREME Direct Flame Modes.

Note: Beale Street models have LOW and MED Direct Flame Modes, Pro and Elite models have LOW, MED, and EXTREME Direct Flame Modes.

Important Notes for Cooking in Direct Flame Mode

While cooking over an open flame is easy with the Memphis, you should always abide by the following tips to ensure safety and proper use of your Memphis Wood Fire Grill:

  • When cooking using the Direct Flame Insert on Direct Flame Settings, the hood should ALWAYS be in the open position. A closed hood during direct flame cooks may result in an Error-1 message. This error message means that your pellet grill has reached too high of a temperature, causing the grill to shut down to avoid any damage to the unit.
  • Never leave your grill unattended during a direct flame cook.
  • When the Direct Flame Insert is in place, the pellet grill is only to be operated in Direct Flame Mode (LOW, MED, EXTREME), never at a set temperature (180°F-700°F).
  • The grill is never to be operated in Direct Flame Mode while the Indirect Insert is in place.
  • While operating the grill in Direct Flame Mode, the grill temperature will not be displayed on your controller and the Food Probe will be in Read Only Mode.

Grill Comparison: Pellet Grill Vs. Gas Grill Vs. Kamado
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Grill Comparison Chart: Pellet Grill Vs. Gas Grill Vs. Kamado

Studying up on high-end grills? Class is in session.

Whether you’re updating the grill in your outdoor kitchen with a newer, shinier model or giving your aging big box store purchase the heave-ho in favor of a high-end grill with lots of bells and whistles, it’s important to know how the options stack up against one another.

Which is the perfect grill for your needs—pellet grill, gas grill or Kamado?

From wood fire grills to gas and Kamado charcoal grill varieties, here are the features and functionality you can expect from each:


Convection Grilling Technology
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Convection Grills Offer the Ultimate in Flavor and Flexibility

The Quality Results You Want Without the Hassle of Rotisserie Attachments

Convection cooking is a modern method of circulating air throughout the cooking chamber to ensure a consistent internal temperature of food. While many kitchen ovens offer convection cooking, few grills on the market today do. Memphis Wood Fire Grills are an exception to that rule—our full line of wood pellet grills offer convection grilling technology, eliminating the need for rotisseries and other accessories.

The convection oven technology available in our products matches the capability offered by top-of-the-line kitchen ovens, all in a piece of equipment that is capable of grilling, smoking, searing, roasting, and baking.

Why Choose a Memphis Grill for Your Convection Cooking Needs?

Our industry-leading convection grilling technology offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Consistency: Our pellet grill convection cooking technology offers the ultimate temperature precision and consistency. Simply fire up your grill, set the desired cooking temperature, and walk away. There is no need to maintain the fire or check the temperature manually. In fact, you can even keep tabs on the grilling process as you enjoy your day using our Memphis Grills App.
  • Flexibility: Many grills offer multiple grates at different distances from the heating element, which can mean that food placed on the top grate is heated at a different temperature than food placed on the bottom grate. Our convection grilling technology ensures food is heated at the exact same temperature, regardless of which grate you choose. Cook your food on whichever grate you’d like or put different foods on different grates and rest assured that the temperature is the same on all levels.
  • Convenience: When cooking poultry, many people turn to rotisserie attachments in order to achieve a consistent finish. Our convection cooking system circulates air throughout the cooking area, which eliminates the need to purchase a rotisserie accessory. All sides of your food will come out perfectly and consistently browned.

How Does a Memphis Pellet Grill Work?
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If you know how to operate an oven, you can operate a Memphis. It’s as easy as filling a hopper with pellets and then setting your temperature via our one touch control. The two-way logic system measures the grill temperature every two seconds and automatically adds pellets as needed. You really have to try one to believe it.

What is a wood fire grill?

It’s a grill that uses 100% natural wood pellets as fuel instead of the traditional propane or charcoal. It imparts a highly sought after flavor that enhances the taste of nearly everything you cook on it. From a mild smoked taste to hints of cherry, hickory, and pecan, there are flavors available to suit any preference.

Can you really smoke and bake on it?

Yes! Memphis Grills have true convection cooking and smoking capabilities. Bake bread, cook a wood-fired pizza, or smoke ribs—it’s all possible via the Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) system. Throw a backyard pizza party or cook the Thanksgiving turkey—it’s completely up to you!

What temperature ranges can be achieved?

Our Elite model can go from 180 to a whopping 700 degrees. Sear a steak at the hottest temperatures or adjust the grill temperature to 295 degrees or below to smoke succulent ribs, briskets, and roasts.

How can I read the temperature of whatever I’m cooking?

Every Memphis pellet grill comes standard with a digital food probe that displays the internal temperature of whatever you’re cooking. Further, you can set the ITC to the desired food temperature, and when it hits that temp, it automatically reduces the grill temperature to the lowest set point to keep your food ready to serve.

How does the convection oven work?

Grill chamber design, advanced engineering, and convection fans circulate heat evenly and provide the consistent temperatures required for convection oven performance. Other brands may claim to have convection oven capabilities, but we can accurately back up that claim with engineering facts.

Innovative Grilling & Smoking App
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Grill Your Next Meal Using Our Innovative Pellet Grill App

Our new Bluetooth-enabled setup makes the connection to our pellet grill app easier than ever before. Simply start up your Memphis Wood Fire Grill, add your food, kick back and relax while your food cooks.

Monitor Your Pellet Grill From Anywhere!

From your smartphone or tablet, you can check grill and food temperatures and more:

  • Track Internal Temperature: Monitoring the internal temperature of meats is key to avoiding undercooked or overcooked foods. Our grill app allows you to track the internal temperature of your meats in real-time using up to three meat probes.
  • Follow Recipes: The smoking and grilling app has step-by-step recipes that make it easy to become a Grill Master. Simply select your recipe and begin crafting a mouthwatering meal, all with the guided help of your smart device.

The Memphis Grills App is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Wi-Fi Based Technology Connects to Your Home

Using cloud-based technology, our grill app connects to your home Wi-Fi network, rather than local connectivity. This infinitely extends the range of the app, allowing you to access real-time temperature data from wherever you like.

Heading to the golf course or hopping on the boat? Fire up your grill and track progress from the green or even from the middle of the lake! Relaxing on the couch? Forget running back and forth to your grill—just grab your smartphone and keep track of the progress of your meal as you relax.

Download our grilling and smoking app to ensure a perfect meal on your Memphis wood fire grill today.


Stainless Steel Construction
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Stainless Steel Grills Offer Better Performance & Longer Lifespan

The Versatility of Wood Pellet Grilling Meets the Durability of Stainless Steel

Memphis Wood Fire Grills is the leading manufacturer of stainless steel wood pellet grills. Our products offer the convenience and flavor of wood pellet cooking with the durability and ease of maintenance that is offered by stainless steel.

3 Reasons to Choose a Stainless Steel Grill for Your Next Purchase

Our stainless steel barbecues offer a wide range of benefits over other grill materials, including:

  • Consistency: An even and consistent cooking temperature is vital to a successful and tasty meal. Stainless steel retains heat better than other materials, making it easier to dial-in on precise cooking temperatures, which give optimal results. Each grill is constructed with two stainless steel walls, making Memphis Wood Fire Grills even more durable and resistant to the elements.
  • Ease of maintenance: Cleaning and maintenance is a key part of grill ownership. Stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned and maintained easily.
  • Durability: Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and rust prolongs the lifespan of the material. This allows grills constructed of stainless steel to stand up to the sun, wind, rain, and salt much better than other materials.

Stainless steel not only provides performance, ease in maintenance, and durability: it offers a sophisticated, polished look and looks great in any outdoor setting.

Exploring Memphis Materials

We pride ourselves on offering the highest in quality grills. Our grills are manufactured using two high-quality grades of stainless steel:

304 Stainless Steel

Our highest quality stainless steel grills are manufactured using 304 Stainless Steel which is an alloy containing a higher percent of nickel than other Stainless Steel alloys. 304 stainless has a higher level of corrosion resistance, which makes it the ideal material for grills used in a wide range of environments and applications. 304 Stainless Steel is recommended for consumers in the coastal regions. Our 304 Stainless Steel line includes the Memphis Elite, Memphis Pro Cart, and both the Pro and Elite built-in models.

430 Stainless Steel

With many of the same benefits of 304 Stainless Steel, our 430-grade material is superior to cast iron and aluminum for grilling applications. 430 Stainless Steel offers an alternative to 304 stainless for grillers in non-coastal areas. Our 430 Stainless Steel line includes the Beale Street Cart and Beale Street Built-in.

Designed in the USA
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Designed, Engineered, and Tested in the U.S.

We are proud to say that every Memphis Wood Fire Grill
was designed, engineered, and tested in our state of the art
135,000 square foot facility in Bloomington, Minnesota.

When you buy a Memphis grill, you are supporting a family-owned business that is rooted in innovation, craftsmanship, and dedication to customer satisfaction. You can relax and enjoy your grill knowing that it was provided to you by an American company.

Beale Street

NEW! Powered by Memphis, the Beale Street Cart now features a Built-in version! With the sophistication and versatility of its flagship brand, the Beale Street Built-in stands out among other built-in pellet grills in its price category. This unique outdoor kitchen solution offers authentic wood-fire cooking, expert engineering, and one-touch temperature control for superior smoking, roasting, and baking, as well as the ability to sear with the optional Direct Flame Insert.

Also available in a Cart model.

Features & Benefits

Real Wood Fire & Direct Flame Cooking

From the very best pizza ovens in Rome to the most highly-acclaimed steakhouses in America, Japan, and Argentina, top chefs point to wood fire as the real culinary game-changer.
True Convection Cooking

Thanks to the 4″ convection fans built into every Beale Street, the Beale Street Carts and Built-ins are true high-end convection ovens. Grill chamber design and advanced engineering combine to create even circulation of heat – no rotisserie is needed!
Control and Monitor Grill and Food Temps Via Wi-Fi

The Memphis Mobile App allows you to monitor and adjust the grill and food temps on the Beale Street when you’re away from your grill. Easily check your food from home, work, or your car (the passenger seat, of course).
Beautiful Stainless Steel Construction

Our superior craftsmanship and strict adherence to manufacturing standards guarantee products with unbeatable reliability, durability, and temperature accuracy in any climate or weather condition.
Pellet Consumption

One 20 lb. bag of Memphis Wood Fire pellets lasts approximately as long as a tank of propane and costs the same. At 350 degrees, the Memphis burns approximately 1.3 lbs. of pellets per hour, up to 15% longer than a tank of propane at about the same price.

Additional Features

  • Grill, smoke, sear, roast, and bake
  • Cloud-based Wi-Fi*
  • Dual Wall Oven Gasketing, 430 Stainless Steel
  • Open flame option
  • Front-loading pellet hopper, 12-lb. capacity

*Wi-Fi connectivity is dependent on compatibility with your network security protocols.

Click to see Wi-Fi Setup Instructions

ITC 2.0 and Beale Street Controllers

The Memphis Grills Wi-Fi system is only compatible with the following network security protocols: WPA/WPA2 Personal, TLS & SSL.

Currently, our Wi-Fi may or may not be compatible with networks that use the following IEEE LAN Protocols: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). This list is not all-inclusive.

Wi-Fi Setup Instructions

On Your Grill Controller:

   1. Power the grill ON by pressing the top left “power” button on the controller.
   2. From the home screen, press the “MENU” button in the lower left corner.
   3. Press the down arrow below the word “NEXT”.
   4. Press the “WIFI” button.
   5. Turn on the Wi-Fi by pressing the button on the lower left, “TURN ON WIFI”
   6. Next, press the “SETUP” button on the upper right side. The grill will broadcast a Wi-Fi signal to nearby devices. Once the STATUS field displays “CONNECTING”, go to your iPhone or Android to continue setup.

On Your Phone or Tablet:

   1. Find your available Wi-Fi networks on your phone or tablet and select the network “Memphis Grills XX:XX” (The XX:XX characters will match the last 4 digits shown on the grill controller next to the MAC ID)
   2. Once selected, the grills network will automatically bring you to a page where you will connect your grill to your Wi-Fi network. Search for all networks in range by pressing “Search”. All networks in range are displayed. Click on the network desired and it will auto populate the “SSID” field with your selection (SSID is your network name. Please note that the box to the right of your home network will display a negative number. That number is Wi-Fi signal strength at the grill. The closer the number is to -100, the worse the signal and the closer to 0, the better it is). Enter your network’s password if you have one (For successful connection, your home network password cannot contain non-alphanumeric characters such as: #$&). If the network does not require a password, leave the password field blank.
Note: If the provisioning page does not automatically populate when you select Memphis Grills on your Wi-Fi settings page on your device, you will need to manually open any browser and enter the URL . Wait 15 seconds or so after clicking on the Memphis Grills Wi-Fi to see if the provisioning page appears. The provisions page will then appear, and you will be able to search for your home network. Select your home network and enter the password.
   3. Click “CONNECT” and the page will automatically close. This will sometimes give an “error” that says the page cannot be reached, but this is completely normal. Please return to the controller screen on the grill, it should not say “CONNECTED”.
   4. The Wi-Fi setup is now complete. The status field in the grill’s Wi-Fi menu should now read “WIFI CONNECTED”. NOTE: The time from hitting “NOT CONNECTED” to “WIFI CONNECTED” can take up to 3 minutes based on connection strength.

In the Memphis Grills App:

   1. Download our Memphis Grills App from the IOS App Store or Google Play Store
   2. Enter a valid e-mail into the “Customer ID” field and create a password that you will use to login to the app. After logging in, you will receive an e-mail requiring you to confirm that e-mail address before continuing.
   3. Once the confirmation link is followed from your e-mail, return to the App.
   4. Once confirmed, login to the App again and add your grill. Enter the grill’s MAC Address and Name shown on the grill controller. Please note that the grill’s nickname will automatically be MEMPHIS, and can be changed after the initial setup.

Example: MAC: F8:F0:05:F4:A8:12 NAME: MEMPHIS

Note that MAC Address only contains numerical 0, 5, and 1’s, and will not contain alphabetical O, S, and I’s. Grill nickname is not case sensitive. Please include colons in the MAC Address as shown.


Model BGBS26
Fuel Type Pellet
Temp Range 180-550 F°
Cooking Surface 558/ 817* sq. in. (*optional grate)
Cutout Dimensions 16.75" (H) x 30.25" (W) x 24.5" (D)
Overall Dimensions 29" (H) x 34" (W) x 32" (D)
Material 430 Stainless Steel
Construction Dual Wall, Sealed
Convection System Convection Cooking System
Fuel Hopper Capacity
12 lbs. pellet

Options & Accessories

Beale Street Heat Shield Kit
  • Used to minimize the clearance to combustible materials (such as an outdoor kitchen, barbecue island, or wood countertop) for your built-in grills.
  • Contains two heat shields and four self-tapping screws.
Middle Grate Kit
  • Optional 2 pieces of grates.
  • Adds 259 sq. in of cooking surface.
Beale Street Built-In Cover
  • Made from 600 denier polyester for durability.
  • Gives your Memphis Grill an extra level of protection from the exterior elements.
Beale Street Meat Probe
  • This meat probe works in tandem with the Intelligent Temperature Control system to measure the internal temperature of whatever you’re cooking.
Pizza Stone Set
  • Includes a 12.99" pizza stone, stainless-steel pizza rack, and cutter.
  • Made of cordierite, this pizza stone withstands temperatures up to 800°
Cast Iron Plate
  • Perfect for searing a steak, sautéing vegetables, or baking pizza.
  • Designed for extreme temps, even heat distribution & retention, and long-lasting performance.
BBQ Utensil Set
  • Convenient 3-piece set includes a stainless-steel spatula, fork, and tongs.
  • Perfect for everything you need to turn, lift and flip whatever you’ve got cooking.
Beale Street Genie Multi Tool
  • This handy tool helps you clean and lift grill grates, the Direct Flame Insert, and burn pot.
  • Can also be used as a bottle opener.
All-Natural Cedar Planks
  • Cedar lends a delicate flavor and smokiness to your dish.
  • Contains four all-natural cedar planks.
8"x8" Aluminum Foil Pans
  • Used to collect grease drippings, keep the drippings from flaring up, and help keep your grill’s interior cleaner.
  • Includes 12 pieces of foil pans.
All-Natural Wood Pellets
  • From high-temperature searing to low-and-slow smoking, nothing enhances the flavor of your ingredients like 100% natural hardwoods.
  • Available in six delicious flavors: Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Pecan, Mesquite, and Oak.


The Beale Street Grill carries a five (5) year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner against defects in material and workmanship. Electronic and electrical components carry a two (2) year replacement warranty when subjected to normal residential use. Limited Warranty does not apply to burn pot, meat probe, grill cover gaskets, or damage caused by corrosion. The meat probe is under Warranty for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Important: Memphis Built-in Grill Requirements for Installation

Please make sure you provide a dedicated electrical circuit for the Memphis Wood Fire Built-in Grill, installed by a Certified Electrician.  Although our grill only takes 1.3 amps during start-up, any other equipment (refrigerator, pool pump, fountain, etc.) that takes power consistently or intermittently from the same electrical source can cause potential issues and/or interruptions with the performance of the Built-in Memphis Grill.

As stated in the Memphis Installation and Operation Manual, we recommend unplugging the grill between usages.  For Built-in situations that may make this inconvenient, we recommend installing an on/off switch that is easily accessible so the power can be turned off between grilling sessions.

Memphis Grills is not responsible for the operation of our grills if the proper installation and usage requirements are not followed.


CA Residents: See CA Prop 65 Warning and check this file for more information.

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  • Once I decided on buying this particular model, I did exhaustive research on several different vendors and settled on the Grill Collection, because of their amazing customer service, response time, and unbelievable price match. Jerome was absolutely amazing to work with, and I very much look forward to ordering the rest of my appliances and equipment for my outdoor kitchen space in the coming days. The customer service from Grill Collection is unmatched by any of the other companies I have spoken with. Someone is always right there to step in and answer a question for you. After sending an email inquiry, I received a response in less than two hours. The delivery process was flawless. Once I was notified the grill had shipped, I was immediately given my tracking number, and within days I was contacted by the carrier to set up delivery. The delivery process was incredibly smooth, they placed the grill exactly where I requested it, they inspected it with me, and I couldn't be happier. From shipping to arrival, it was less than a week before it arrived to ship cross country. If you are in need of anything for your backyard space, Grill Collection is the place to buy it!!!

    Dave P.

    Charlotte, NC

  • The primary reason I chose Grill Collection is because they had the item I wanted in stock where other sites selling the same item wasn't available till the end of the year. I had already purchased the unit from another website and I really didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to get a refund and then waiting for the refund and then turning around and purchasing another unit somewhere else. I purchased the unit from the other website previously because their website said I would receive the unit by the end of July. When the transaction was completed and they finally received the notice from the manufacturer the shipping and receiving dates changed. It was now shipping by Nov 27th and receiving by Dec 2nd, basically I would be waiting half a year to receive my order so that wasn't going to work. By then summer is over!!! Second and most important reason I chose Grill Collection is because of Erica's awesome customer service, many many thanks to Erica for her service. She finalized my decision based on many factors besides the fact that I'm an Amazon Prime Member and paying through Amazon would work for me as well but also these reasons: 1. Prompted to serve customers need. 2. If I had problems with my order I know it wouldn't take hours to get s hold of customer service 3. Talking to a live representative vs machine 100% 4. Piece of mind knowing that I'm doing business with a company that's 100% behind my customer satisfaction with guaranteed product availability and delivery, makes me want to purchase only from them. 5. Lower price definitely!!! 6. 👍😇😉😆 Thank you Can't wait to get my grill!!


    Newark, NJ

  • I had a fantastic experience with the Grill Collection. First when I was shopping online for the Napoleon Prestige 500 grill you had the lowest price online. I was shopping late on a Saturday night and was not expecting anyone to be available to chat to answer some questions but someone was available (I forget his name) and he answered my questions so I placed the order that day. Lastly I know most of these were taking 4 weeks to ship but you were able to ship mine in under 3 weeks, sooner than expected. Post order support was great as well. You should be very proud of the service you provide, few companies have people online available to chat at on the weekends and shipping sooner than expected is rare!


    Jacksonville, FL

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